Add value to your home before selling – Sandrine’s Testimony from Brussels

Sandrine, Espaciel’s customer in Brussels, used to live in a 2 floors apartment. When she decided to move out and sell her apartment, some potential buyers were stopped by the lack of luminosity in the basement. Read Sandrine’s testimony to find out how she added value to her apartment.


1- How did the lack of luminosity disturb the sale of your apartment?vente appartement sombre sous-sol lumière

Mother of two kids, I’ve always lived in Brussels. For these past 5 years, I was living in an apartment which was spread over two floors: kitchen and living room on the ground floor and bedrooms and office in the basement. To follow my husband to his new working place, in France, I decided to move out couple months ago. I then put the offer on the Internet and started the visits. A lot of people were interested by the configuration of the apartment: easy access to the street, two separate floors… However a comment often came up: “the basement is too dark”. There are two basement windows facing the street, but the daylight could not enter inside before because only the upper part of the windows is opened to the outside.


2- How did you solve this problem?

After some visits, I asked for a real estate agent’s advice. He wanted to scale down the price due to the poor natural lighting in the basement. My husband and I were therefore looking for solutions to sell our apartment at the price we previously established.

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3- How did you think about the light reflector?

vente appartement sombre sous-sol lumièreAs the lack of luminosity was an obstacle, I wanted to add value to my basement.  While I was looking for an inexpensive and quick way to maximize the sale of my apartment, I found Espaciel website and asked for a personalized advice. The very next day, Lucy, Espaciel advisor, contacted me to find out a solution. She confirmed that the light reflector was a good alternative for my basement. She also told me that a lot of people call on Espaciel’s services when selling their housing in order to sell it at a fair price and in a good period of time. I then realized that it was possible to sell my house more efficiently for only a hundred euros.


4- Why did you choose this solution?

I sent a couple of pictures of my basement and of the windows with their size to vente appartement sombre sous-sol lumièreLucy. She advised me to fix an exterior reflector on both windows, just below the grid. For a better result, she also recommended me to install two interior reflectors. These two complement the effect of the exterior reflectors.

I has some doubts about the efficiency of the light reflectors as long as the sunlight never reaches my basement windows. Lucy explained me that the result is noticeable even without sunlight, it works with simple daylight. Either sunlight or daylight is redirected inside the room by the light reflector. It has a daily performance.

5- How was the installation of your Espaciel?

I wanted to receive my products as quick as possible since I had to continue the visits. Lucy guaranteed that I will receive them a week after the order on Espaciel online store. Once I’ve received, I asked my husband to fix the exteriors while I was taking care of the interiors. It was pretty easy, it took us less than an hour.

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6- What impact the light reflectors had on the sale of your apartment?

Once the reflectors were installed, I continued the visits to sell my apartment. I had less comments about the lack of luminosity in the basement. Some visitors have noticed the reflectors and were really surprised by the result. The room looks bigger now thanks to a better natural lighting. We can also see the sky which is reflecting in the light reflectors. The atmosphere is different and more pleasant! It was unimaginable to see the sky through these windows before! Our apartment have been sold 3 weeks later at the price we were expecting. The buyers were very glad to keep the Espaciel reflectors afterwards.

vente appartement sombre sous-sol lumière


Thank you for sharing your experience with us Sandrine! If you too would like to share your story, write to us at and we will be happy to tell it on our blog!

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