Before/After: How do you increase the light in a room?

With the children growing up, Christophe realised that the lack of light in their attic bedrooms was becoming more and more of a problem, especially for their homework and reading assignments. Following considerable research, he found the solution to his problem thanks to Espaciel. Find out how Christophe managed to increase the natural light in his children’s bedrooms.                       

Initial situation

When I first moved to the Lille region, I was looking for a large and handsome house with room for my entire family. Shortly after, I managed to find a house that was perfect for everyone. My 5 fenetre mansardechildren each have their own attic bedroom on the top floor of the house under the eaves. It’s a perfect space for them, where their imaginations can run wild. These rooms, located under the roof, are dark however, as they are lit solely by the attic windows.


Mansard upper story

A mansard is the upper story of rooms situated below the roof, frequently consisting of rooms organised in this attic space with sloping walls and low ceilings. These rooms often suffer from a lack of natural light due to the small windows or the excessively low ceilings.                  


The search for solutions

I immediately started looking for a solution to increase the natural light in these rooms. I first considered having roof windows installed, but with 6 bedrooms to equip, the cost was clearly prohibitive. That’s when I first came across Espaciel, in the course of my research on the internet. I discovered that it was possible to place light reflectors in front of the attic room windows in order to capture the natural daylight and direct it into the bedrooms.I quickly decided that I wanted to test this system: the cost was infinitely more affordable, the installation seemed simple and the system was easy to remove or even eventually transfer to another window or house.


Advice from the Espaciel light specialists

Espaciel has provided precious help in implementing this solution, offering advice online, by email, and over the telephone. The Espaciel light specialists recommended a solution consisting of exterior reflectors that could be attached to the sills of each bedroom window in a matter of minutes. For a tiny fraction of my initial budget, and without any work, I had found a solution to bring more natural light into the heart of my home.


Order and installationinstallation reflecteur fenetre mansarde

And this was how I came to place my order on the Espaciel website. The light reflectors were delivered to my home a few days later, and they were even installed by my kids. It took just a few minutes per window to install and adjust the light reflectors. Full instructions with clear photos are supplied with the kits, which makes installation extremely simple and straightforward.

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Results after installation

The result was beyond all my expectations. The natural daylight is reflected by the reflectors and penetrates deeply into the bedrooms.

I think on balance this system is much better in terms of efficiency than an enlarged window, without any of the disadvantages of a roof window (noise when it rains, heat in the summer, difficulty of covering the window, without even mentioning the exterior aesthetics, which in the case of our house was a problem). What was even more surprising was the fact that we installed the system at the end of a dark, cloudy afternoon, which made the effects even more noticeable.

This system works particularly well in dark, overcast weather, when we really notice the lack of light. For the kids’ homework and reading, and simply in terms of general comfort and wellbeing, the presence of more natural light makes a huge difference. Their bedrooms are so much more cheerful and welcoming. My children really appreciate and benefit from this increase in natural light in their rooms. They quickly took control of the reflectors, so much so that one of my daughters even took one of the unused reflectors and set it up herself on one of the interior window sills. This reflector on the inside boosts the effects of the external reflector, doubling the natural light in the bedroom. Her bedroom is now brighter than ever, with two reflectors brightening up her ceiling.

“The bedrooms are so much more cheerful and welcoming” 

 avant apres chambre sombre

Christophe G. Espaciel customer in Lille

Home layout: children’s attic bedrooms under the roof         

Problem: very little light in the bedrooms 

Initial solution: project to add roof windows – £££

Final solution: installation of Espaciel light reflectors – £      

Advantages: reduced cost, no work needed, fast, remarkable increase in natural light


Thanks to Christophe for having shared his experience with us! If you would like to tell your story, write to us at and we’ll be delighted to listen to you and share your experience!             

Do you have a gloomy room in which you’d like to increase the natural light? Get in touch with us, and the Espaciel team will be more than happy to offer you personalised advice:

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