Brighten up a country house – Christine’s testimony in Aigle (Switzerland)

Christine is one of Espaciel’s customers living in Switzerland (see another testimony in Switzerland here). She lives in the town of Aigle (world center of cycling), in south of Montreux and close to the French border. This is a small town where most houses are old and typical, such as Christine’s. These houses are full of character but remains dark because of small windows and thick walls. Find out how Christine was able to remedy this situation and make his house looks more modern in the article below.


1- Country house: small windows, thick walls

maison campagne sombre réflecteur de lumière espaciel suisseChristine: I live in a small 2-storey house in a countryside neighborhood in Switzerland. It is a house from the 1800’s with small windows of thick walls in which we already did some renovation work to make the interior modern: complete renovation of the house, maximal enlargement of the windows, various interior design work (walls painted in white, kitchen, light wood furniture…). My husband and I own a paint store, thus it is important for us to have a clear, bright and welcoming home.

One side of our house is rather sunny while the other is a little buried. Aigle is a fairly hilly mountain town. Furthermore, our house is located in an alley and the opposite house also blocks the light. Our kitchen and living room are located on the ground floor and overlooking this alley. Therefore, these rooms were quite dark. We were looking for a solution without work to light up this part of the house. I looked on on the internet and that’s where I found Espaciel.

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2- Easy ordering process and installation

maison campagne sombre réflecteur de lumière espaciel suisseChristine: After having discovered the Espaciel reflector on the website, I ordered the products. Everything was well explained on the website Espaciel, I didn’t need the Espaciel light advisors to help me in my choice of reflectors. I chose to order two outdoor models 60cm * 25cm to install them on my kitchen windowsills. The length and fixing of these reflectors are perfect for my kind of windows as you can see on the picture. The adjustable bar that holds the reflector rests on the windowsill borders. It is an ingenious and secure fixation. Also, my husband took care of the installation and he told me that it was very easy and quick.

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3- Two reflectors that illuminate the kitchen and living room

Christine: The contrast is strongest when it’s sunny, though the effect of the reflector is visible every day: either on sunny or cloudy days. I tilt the reflector so that it directs light toward the ceiling in the kitchen, this brighten up the living area at the same time.

Now I no longer have to turn on the light when it’s sunny. The room is bright thanks to the Espaciel product which redirects the sunrays inside. I also think the reflector itself suits very well the window.

maison campagne sombre réflecteur de lumière espaciel suisse


Thanks Christine pour for sharing your experience with us!

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