Brightening up a Haussmannian apartment – Quentin from Paris shares his experience

Quentin and his girlfriend rent a Haussmannian apartment located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. They wanted to brighten up their most important living area: their living room. The problem was that their apartment looks onto an inner courtyard with buildings opposite. They bought an Espaciel balcony reflector at the BHV Rivoli, and this is their story:


How did you find out about Espaciel?

We’d never heard of Espaciel when we moved into the apartment 2 years ago, and first heard of the company via word of mouth, when some friends of ours bought their light reflectors to equip their ground floor apartment here in Paris. Genuinely curious about this innovation, we went to the Espaciel website to find out more about their solutions for bringing more natural light into people’s home.

Were you seeking a solution to provide more natural light in your home?       

Yes! Since we live on the second floor of the block and our apartment looks out onto an inner courtyard with a building facing us, we really don’t have a lot of natural light entering our home. This can be quite gloomy and unpleasant to live with on a daily basis, especially in winter when the days are shorter. It was therefore pretty urgent for us to find a solution, but we didn’t know who to turn to.


What type of reflector did you choose, and why?     

Our living room has a small balcony with a wrought iron handrail. We wanted a reflector that was both discreet and easy to install. This is why we opted for a balcony reflector that can be attached to the top or bottom of the balustrade. We chose to place it at the bottom as this was more discreet. Once set at the correct angle, we didn’t have to touch it again.


Did you receive any advice from a member of the Espaciel team?           

No, I really didn’t need any. I examined the Espaciel website and used the online configurator, which indicated that the balcony reflector corresponded perfectly to our needs. I saw that the Espaciel light reflectors were available at the “BHV-Rivoli” and went there by metro on the following Saturday. The salesman was extremely competent and clearly explained how I should install the light reflector on my balcony.

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Did you install the reflector yourself?     

Yes, but since we wanted to be sure that the reflector was correctly installed, I called an Espaciel advisor for advice on this.                              

 Are you satisfied with the reflectors?          

We’re delighted with our purchase which provides us with much more natural light in our living room. The effect is even better when the sun shines directly on the reflector!


Can you see the effects every day? How has this changed your day-to-day life?        

 The effects are certainly visible every day but are more noticeable when the sky is blue! We can see a huge difference compared with how it was before. We now use the electric lighting far less often and we enjoy much more natural light in the room.         


How does the reflector integrate with your building’s façade?

The reflector blends perfectly well with our façade, it’s extremely discreet and well designed! The view is uninterrupted – we can see our little balcony plants and bushes and the sky reflected beneath. 

Would you recommend the Espaciel reflectors?

Absolutely! I’ve already talked about them to all our friends, since it’s a simple, innovative and extremely useful product. A big ‘thank you’ to Espaciel!

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