Bring light inside a ground floor apartment – Anne’s testimony from Paris

Anne belongs to one of our numerous clients in Paris. Her son lives in the center of the French capital for his studies and it turns out that found the perfect accommodation in Paris is not very simple! He thought about moving out his studio because of the lack of light: his apartment is located on the ground floor, overlooking a courtyard and North exposed. This testimony is about the solution Espaciel gave to his son so he can finally have a natural well-lighted studio. See a similar case right here. 

paris lumière espacielCity: Paris

Situation: Ground floor inner courtyard studio > Lack of luminosity

Exposition: North

Solution: Balcony light reflector

1- My son’s studio apartment  

« The living room is too dark »

studio sombre Paris Espaciel lumièreMy son lives in downtown Paris, he rents a studio of about twenty square meters with a separate kitchen. This studio overlooks the courtyard side, this is an extra comfort for its tranquility. However, in addition to being in courtyard, the apartment is located on the ground floor and facing north: the worst situation ever in terms of natural light! The light never reaches his apartment (and even less the sun)! The living room is really dark, the kitchen is not very bright either but it has a window of the same size as the one of the living room whereas the room is smaller. The living room window has also some bars on it, which does not help the light to pass through.


2- Considered solutions

« A classic mirror did not work »

I always had in mind the idea of improving the brightness of my son’s studio, but I couldn’t find something very appropriate which could help us. We even thought about moving to another apartment… In my house, there are bay windows almost everywhere which bring a good general light. In my son’s studio, it was quite the opposite and we did not want him to live in such a dark place throughout the year.

Without checking on the internet, I thought about installing some mirrors around but I quickly realized that it could only bring a small beam of light into the room. I tried this system in different places but the effect was not there so far.

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3- How did I discover Espaciel ?

I completely stumbled upon the the Espaciel website. I was looking at some pictures on Google to see how people managed to find a solution in this kind of situation. I think I just typed on my computer something like “North facing room” or “how to enlighten a North exposed apartment” as keywords, and I saw a before/after photo which redirected me directly to the Espaciel website.

When I started to discover the concept, I found it very interesting! The before and after photos are very useful to see the result. I think that it’s great that someone thought about this solution because many people have a problem when it comes to the light in their home, either in town or in the countryside in a North facing house!

4- Choice of the light reflector 

« The light reflector suits to the window bars »

After browsing the website and the blog, I contacted Jeremy, an Espaciel advisor. I did not know which model to choose because of the bars on the window. Jeremy advised me to choose the balcony model: my son does not have any balustrade in his studio however the setting fits very well to the window bars. Just as for the railing, fasteners need to be attached and tightened to the bars. No drilling is required, it is very simple!

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5- Result after the installation of the Espaciel light reflector

studio sombre Paris Espaciel lumièreAs soon as I received the package, I installed the reflector by myself: I’m the handyman of the house! I did not really follow the instructions and I managed to install it as I thought.

My son was very skeptical at first, I kind of imposed the idea to him… In the end, with the installation of this product, he was very happy of the result and he is now planning to stay in this apartment!

When we installed the Espaciel light reflector, we immediately saw the difference: It is day and night! Of course the studio is still north facing, but now the interior is bright! For me it is magical and the service is very professional!
before after dark apartment paris light reflector Espaciel


Thank you to Anne and his son for their testimony. If you want to send us your before/after pictures as well and tell us about your light reflector experience, contact us at

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