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In this article, discover how artists, architects, engineers and entrepreneurs benefit from the experience gained from 2,000 installations in 15 countries.      


 Natural light is a key concern for the occupants of buildings, and the leading criterion for comfort for office workers.             


Recent studies show that well-being in the workplace leads to gains in productivity. Planners, designers and builders are therefore confronted with ever-increasingly high demands in terms of the quality of the natural lighting they provide. Effective and extremely simple to install, light reflectors represent a new tool in the range of solutions for natural lighting. The following are just a few examples of collaboration in a variety of different situations.

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Serving the needs of architects…

The “Astronome” project by architect Frédéric Bernard.
Transforming a former factory into housing is a real architectural challenge. Frédéric Bernard put all his talent to work on a project of this type in Arcueil, a town on the outskirts of Paris. Surrounded and poorly oriented, the site presented numerous problems.


To achieve this transformation, the architect implemented three structuring elements for the well-being of the future occupants: the insertion of a garden and pathways in the building’s courtyard, colouring of the window surrounds, and the addition of light reflectors at each window on the ground floor. Made-to-measure in accordance with the architect’s design, these 13 Espaciel light reflectors increase the field of vision and redirect the natural light inside the apartments.

Serving the needs of artists…

A project for “Exo”, a work by the artist Félicie D’Estienne d’Orves
For Nuit Blanche 2015 in Paris, the artist Félicie D’Estienne d’Orves highlights the stars with immense laser beams, while a sound system designed by Julie Rousse creates the effect of directly hearing the sound of the celestial bodies in space. For this ambitious project, some of the most powerful scenographic lasers in the world were brought into play. But how could a 40-amp flow of laser light be safely and reliably directed surrounded by the public?

Nuit Blanche 2015

This is where Espaciel came in, designing and producing 6 made-to-measure reflectors. Placed on digital yokes, the Espaciel reflectors propelled the laser beams into space all night long for the pleasure of the viewing public.

Serving the needs of engineers…

A project for Brouae, the office of Gérôme Forthomme
The competition to create exemplary buildings in the Brussels Capital region is the ideal venue for experimenting green building technologies in Belgium. Gérôme Forthomme, head of the Brouae architects and engineers consultancy, was responsible for constructing one of these pilot project, the Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode youth centre. In order to reconcile passive house requirements (PHPP thermal calculation) and the need for natural light, he entrusted Espaciel with the mission of creating a totally new lighting arrangement.


A total of 52 light reflectors are installed on the building’s southern facade. Placed in front of the bay windows, they resemble sunscreen louvers.  When you look at them more closely, you see that the surfaces are mirrored. In front of the window ledges, they direct the sun’s rays into the sky. In terms of the windows, they have a filtering effect and they redirect the light into the interiors of the rooms. Each louver is tilted to a specific angle in order to channel the rays of natural light above the occupants, so as to avoid dazzling them.  The infra-red treatment of the surfaces captures the thermal input outside of the building – a clever way of avoiding overheating during the summer months.                                    

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