(Français) Eclairer son salon naturellement – Témoignage d’Emma à Montréal

31-year-old Emma lives in a large rented apartment in Montreal, Canada. In front of her living room and dining room windows is a large leafy tree which stops all the natural light from entering her apartment. Find out how the installation of interior and exterior light reflectors transformed Emma’s life!                       


Why is it so important for you to have natural light in your home?              

I am a teacher and I frequently have to work at home, in my living room: every week I work from home, preparing lessons, marking homework, researching topics for my students… In front of my windows is a large tree that’s in leaf for 6 months of the year. It makes my apartment very dark, forcing me to turn on the electric lights. As well as being tiring for my eyes, it also pushes up my electricity bills. This is why having natural light in my apartment was so important for me.


How is your apartment laid out?      

  emma_dehors_espacielI moved into this apartment in 2012. It’s located in a lovely district on Montreal, in a peaceful leafy street. The only drawback is the large tree growing right in front of my living room windows on the first floor, which blocks out the natural light during the summer months, stopping it from getting any further than my window sill. My apartment is often dark since the light simply can’t get in, and never to any real depth. And in winter the sun is much lower, rarely reaching my windows.


Were you looking for a solution to bring more natural light into your home?     

Yes, it had become a real necessity for me. What’s more, Montreal is a bright city, both in summer and winter, and I found it a real shame that I couldn’t take advantage of this in my home. This led me to start looking for a solution on the internet, and that’s how I came across the Espaciel website.

How did your purchase work out? 

I was looking for an easy solution with minimal installation to boost the light in my home. By typing in different key search terms I came across a store called “Le Balconier”, located in Montreal. This store specialises in products for terraces and balconies, and has recently started stocking Espaciel light reflectors. I paid a visit to the store to see what they would recommend. Réjean, the store owner and sales assistant, gave me some great advice on which models to install!

 Which light reflectors did you order, and why?             

I ordered two different types of reflectors.

 Interior reflectors: which I installed on the inside of my window sill. They are extremely quick and easy to install! All you need to do is put them in place and set the angle! There is no installation work necessary, and this is a major advantage (and the same goes for the exterior reflector…).


– Exterior reflectors which are attached outside using an adjustable bar. They can be installed in a matter of minutes!        


To increase the effect, I decided to place an exterior reflector on the exterior sill and another interior reflector on the inner sill. The two models complement each other perfectly. The exterior reflectors project light to the ceiling and deeply into the room, while the interior reflectors reflect the light towards the middle of the room – resulting in my entire living room and dining room being lighter and brighter!   

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Are you satisfied with the result?

Completely! My interior is now light and luminous. It’s so different from how it was before. I don’t have to turn the lights on as often, but above all I’m just much happier in my home. Natural light is so much better for your viewing comfort. The effect of the reflectors is amazing, especially on gray, rainy days. Maintaining them couldn’t be easier; I simply wipe them down with a cloth and a drop of your product from time to time. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.


Anything else you’d like to add about the product or service?

I think that the reflector is a really super innovation. Though the reflectors are light, they are extremely solid. As I live on the first floor, I secured my installation by simply adding two screws in the two holes located on the ends of the fastening bar. It’s important and it holds well! (laughs)

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have more light in their home. You certainly won’t be disappointed! What’s more, my mother is now planning on installing reflectors at our holiday home near Charlevoix (Quebec).

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us Emma!

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