French window: More Light with the New Garden Reflector – Martin from Brussels shares his story

Martin lives in a sunny apartment in Brussels, Belgium. His living room is south-facing but the room is extremely deep. Martin wanted to benefit from more natural light in his home. Find out how the new garden reflector installed in front of his French window provided him with more natural light!                              


What is your apartment like?          

I live in a peaceful part of Brussels, close to the European institutions. I moved into this apartment in 2014. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! Located on the top floor, it is well laid out and the living areas are south facing. My living room gives onto a sunny spacious terrace surrounded by greenery, which is great in the summer months. The problem is that my living room is 7 metres long and the back of the room never gets any natural light… I really needed to solve the problem, since I often work from home and my eyes quickly get tired with the artificial light constantly switched on.


How did you first discover Espaciel?

Pure luck! I was having dinner with some friends and noticed that they had exterior reflectors installed on their window sills. They live in apartment in the northern Nord department, and wanted more natural light in their interior (read another account from clients in a configuration in the Nord). I was curious, so they explained to me how the Espaciel reflectors work and the increase in natural light they experienced, even without sunshine. The next day, I checked out the Espaciel website in order to find out more about their range of products.

Is it easy to find the appropriate reflector? 

Yes, I used the online Espaciel configurator in order to determine which reflector would best suit my home. The questionnaire is quick to complete as you only need to answer around ten questions. At the end it offers you a direct personalised response.        

For me, the answer was clear: with a French window like mine, which opens outwards onto the terrace, it was the garden reflector that I needed.

Which reflector did you choose?  

I chose a 100 x 50 cm garden reflector, which I installed approximately 1 metre from the French window. I wanted to be able to be able to move around the terrace easily without having the reflector in the way. The reflector is easy to move around and takes up very little space. When I need to clean the terrace or organise it for a meal with friends, I can tuck the reflector away in a corner easily.

I wanted to significantly increase the natural light at the back of my living room. The reflector was extremely simple to set up, even without tools! And what’s more, it’s very easy to move around.


What are the advantages of the new garden reflector?

The new garden reflector, like the previous model, offers a large reflective surface.       

It’s ideal for a French window or a bay window. What’s new is the foot and the design of the reflector. This model is more modern, more practical, and the foot is available in two colours: gray or pale green. Personally, I chose the pale green, since my balcony is surrounded by plants. The foot blends perfectly into the background! The advantages of this new reflector are:

√ Easy to direct and angle            

√ Adjustable height  

√ Choice of gray or green foot


Are you satisfied with the effect of the garden reflector in your home?

Absolutely! My living room is much brighter and a lot more pleasant than before. I saw a big difference immediately.  My living room has much more light every day, which is great for my morale. When it rains I have significantly more light in the room, as if I were living on a higher floor, or the walls were painted in brighter colours. And when it’s sunny, the rays of sunlight reach right to the ceiling, and the effect is really amazing! I don’t need to switch the lights on any more. And I can direct the reflector easily in order to enjoy several hours of sunshine in the room. With this purchase, I feel fully equipped to tackle the long winter period and work at home in much greater comfort.                                 


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Thanks for your support Martin, and thanks for sharing your story with us!

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