How to bring more light in your basement ? Testimony from London

Charlotte is one of our first customers in London. She is a solicitor advocate ans she often works at home in her office situated in the basement. The lack of luminosity is very common in basements and Charlotte was searching about a solution to brighten her home office. We are very glad to share with you her feedback about her experience with the light reflectors she bought a couple months ago.

  • What is the use of the room you wanted to brighten? And how is it? sous-sol lumière

I’m living near London in a town house on the main road and I’m often working from home. We installed my office in the basement of my house and the lack of luminosity has always been a problem. The room has two basement windows (two openings placed at ground level that allow natural light to illuminate the basement). During the day, the light comes to our windows but the sunlight never reached them. We never get natural light or sunlight into the basement.


  • Did you consider other solutions to bring more light in this basement?

bureau sous-sol lumière

The only solution I thought about was moving out my office. A construction work was not possible to realize. As the room is in a basement, there is no other possibility to open it to the exterior: we couldn’t put some extra windows. I was tired of turning the lights on 24/7. Working with only artificial lighting is not pleasant. I deeply thought about searching another place for my office…

 sous-sol lumière

  • How did you find out about Espaciel?

I was actively looking for a solution to bring natural light into this basement and, while I was searching on the Internet, I discovered Espaciel website. I had no idea of this concept and I found the product really interesting. I was a bit worried about its effect in my situation because of the tiny openings.


  • How did the order and installation go?

While I was on Espaciel’s website, I asked some advices to Jeremie on the chat. I explained him my situation and sent him some pictures for a better understanding. He recommended me the exterior reflector to have the best result. As my windows are 70cm wide, I took the exterior reflector 60cm.

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sous-sol lumière

Once I’ve received my 2 reflectors exterior 60cm, my colleague and I installed them. It was pretty easy. We fix them on the wall outside, just below the grid as Jeremie suggested us.

From Espaciel’s advices concerning my needs to the delivery in the UK, the service was excellent. It is really clear and easy to order the product on the web shop. The Espaciel team is always there to help you if you have any question which is very reassuring. It is an appreciable support.

> Example of a similar installation


  • Now installed, what is your thoughts about the light reflectors?

I wasn’t expecting to see the results right away… but I did! They really make a difference. The working space is not so gloomy anymore! The reflectors work either on rainy and sunny days, we can see the impact on our everyday life.

sous-sol lumière

It is a nice and innovating product. Obviously it can only reflect what is available, which means: the more daylight there is outside, the more light will be reflected inside of the room. My colleague and I are very pleased with the increased light we do have. Now we have a bright atmosphere at work!

Thank you for sharing this experience and your photos with us Charlotte! If you too would like to share your story, write to us at and we will be delighted to tell it here!

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