How to install a light reflector?

Damien B. lives in a Paris apartment that looks out onto a narrow street. Like so many apartments of this type, it was dark due to the lack of sunshine. The Espaciel reflector was the only effective solution capable of bringing more natural light into his living room. Let’s take a look at his experience and the installation of his reflector by a Frizbiz jobber…

What exactly is Damien’s situation?
installation fenetre

Damien lives in Paris, in a first floor apartment that gives onto a narrow street. His living room was extremely dark, since the sunshine never reached it. The tall surrounding buildings block out most of the natural light, so his window received very subdued light, that didn’t penetrate into his apartment. “I spend lots of time at home, and from November onwards the constant lack of natural light is depressing!” Indeed, as the days get shorter and shorter through the autumn, and are often overcast, people are increasingly inclined to suffer from bouts of seasonal depression.  Damien was delighted to discover Espaciel reflectors on the internet, offering a real solution for bringing more natural light into his home in all weathers.

Damien got in touch with us, because he couldn’t decide between a balcony reflector and an exterior reflector. He wanted to position his reflector slightly above his guardrail and not actually on it. Alexi, his Espaciel light advisor, recommended that he install an external reflector on the window frame with its adjustable bar. Damien measured the width of the window, from wall to wall, and found that it was 94 cm.  He therefore purchased an 80 cm x 25 cm exterior reflector from our online store, with an adjustable bar which can be extended by up to 30 cm, for a total length of 110 cm.

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Installation : why did Damien call on the help of a Frizbiz jobber?

Whichever system of attachment you choose, the light reflector is simple to install. A step-by-step guide is included with every product, and we are available to help our customers with any questions they may have by email and telephone. Many of our customers install their reflectors themselves, since very little DIY knowledge is required.
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Some of them, however, have no knowledge of DIY, don’t have the time, or simply wish to optimise the installation of their reflector by calling on the services of a professional. In this case, we advise them to use the services of our partner Frizbiz : an online collaborative platform created to link private individuals up with professionals.

This was the case for Damien, who wanted to be absolutely sure that his light reflector was correctly installed.

After placing his ad on the Frizbiz website, indicating his needs, availability and budget, Damien received several offers from jobbers. He chose Marco D.O.a Frizbiz jobber, who had received a lot of positive feedback on the website from other members of the community, and who offered to do the installation for 40€.

Installation of the light reflector in 4 stages

As soon as he received his light reflector by post, Damien got in touch with Marco to set up an appointment.

Marco came with all the necessary equipment and installed the reflector in less than half an hour. Since Damien lives on the 1st floor, Marco added screws to ensure that the installation was firmly secured.

These are the 4 stages to install an exterior light reflector with an adjustable bar:

  • 1. Spread the adjustable bar until the two ends touch the walls. To set the position of the bar, increase the pressure by tightening the adjustment screw.installation réflecteur de lumière
  • 2. Attach the light reflector to the adjustable bar.installation réflecteur de lumière
  • 3.  An optional extra for upstairs apartments: screw the fastenings to the wall with appropriate screws for the support (brick, stone, concrete…). This will ensure the long-term safe attachment of the reflector.

installation_3 réflecteur de lumière

  • 4. Remove the protective film and direct the light reflector towards the interior of the room. And that’s it! The natural light floods into your home and you can enjoy it whether it’s sunny or not.

installation_4 réflecteur de lumière

After installation

  • Reaction of Damien, Espaciel customerinstallation reflecteur exterieur

Damien got in touch with us soon after to tell us that he was extremely satisfied with his reflector. When he removed the protective film from the reflective surface, the effect was immediately visible: “The ceiling of my apartment is much brighter and the room is a lot more luminous!”

He was also very happy to have used Frizbiz for the installation. “It’s an extremely practical service if you’re not really into DIY or haven’t got the time.”

Damien has told all his friends about Espaciel & Frizbiz. He hopes that his neighbours will soon get reflectors so that they too can enjoy brighter interiors!

  • Reaction of Marco, Frizbiz jobber

We got in touch with Marco to find out what he thought. In his view, installing an Espaciel reflector is quick and easy. He would be happy to install more light reflectors in the Paris area.

installation reflecteur exterieur

We are extremely grateful to Damien and Marco for sharing their experience of installing an Espaciel light reflector with us.

If you would like to call on the services of a Frizbiz jobber to install your light reflector or indeed for any other jobs or services in your home, then visit the website here!

Are you lacking natural light in your home? If so, get in touch with us, and the Espaciel team will be delighted to give you personalised advice:

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