How to light a room in the basement ?

Discover in this new testimony, how Julian and his girlfriend were able to light a room in the basement. The main living rooms are located in a south-facing position. Living room, bedrooms and kitchens are well lit, but the  basement remains very dark. They decided to look for a solution to make  this room brighter. Discover how Espaciel has made this room a naturally brighter place. 


Can you tell us about your home ?

Not long ago my girlfriend and I had a twin house built in Lausanne, in the city. We have paid attention to the natural light inside  our rooms.  That’s why we decided to build the house on a southern orientation.  During construction, we were advised to place the laundry room and garage on the north orientation. Since this is the coldest exposure. However, we had thisroom in the basement that we wanted to light up. 

How did you discover the light Reflector ?

We wanted to maximize natural light in our basement which has this type opening. I typed the keyword “lighting a room in the basement” on the internet and I arrived on the Espaciel website. 

I automatically moved to the Window Reflector. Indeed, the website is clear  and precise. My choice was supported by the reading for a customer testimonial, in the same configuration as mine. I found this innovative and almost magical solution. I ordered quickly, to try it. 


Which Espaciel Reflector did you order and why

For our wolf jump configuration, we ordered a Window Reflector. This is the largest size for this model. 

Window reflector in an English yard configuration 

Upon receipt, I installed our Light Reflector using the installation manual provided with the package, and the assembly video sent by email after the order. It is a simple and time-saving operation. Even for me, who’s not much of a handyman. 

What has the Espaciel Reflector changed in your daily life ?

Now it is possible to enter the room without turning on the light. Our basement is bright whether it’s sunny, rainy or grey, so it’s a real pleasure. And besides, you see the sky reflected in it, it makes the view bigger. We are satisfied with our Espaciel purchase. 

Result: Without Window Reflector / With Window Reflector

To conclude, we were so happy with the result that we decided to place another order for a new Window Reflector. This new Espaciel purchase will allow us to bring more natural light  into another small dark space, located due North. Since the Espaciel Reflectors operate without sunlight,  it will allow us to lighten this room easily.

A last word to the end ?

Today, my partner and I can go into our basement, which is lit by natural light. It was a real victory, because we had no hope left. Thanks to Espaciel,  we are rediscovering the joys of natural lighting, and this contributes to our well-being. So thank you! 

Thank you Julian for sharing your lighting experience and photos. 

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