How to sell a ground-garden apartment faster? – Patricia’s testimony near Paris

Selling an apartment or house is an important step you need to take seriously. It is crucial to put the odds on your side and to fix all the elements that can make it lose value, as a lack of brightness for example. (Re)Discover Sandrine’s testimony who enlightened his souplex when she decided to sale her apartment. Here, Patricia, an Espaciel customer, managed to sell her apartment within a week…


1- The ground-garden apartment for sale

rez-de-jardin sombre réflecteur de lumière Espaciel

My husband and I were owners of an apartment near Paris that we wanted to sell. It is located on the ground-floor, on the garden side: it was an important point for us. We left a house for this apartment and, as we have a dog, it was essential to have a direct access to the garden. Our living room overlooks this garden through a bay window. Despite this large opening, the room was dark. We live in a small building, 3 floors, and above our deck, there are several balconies that reduce the outside light coming in. We are also facing north… we have a bit of sunshine in the morning, that’s it. We didn’t really see how to bring more natural light inside…

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2- The first visits and the lack of brightness

We were aware of this lack of light in the living room. The apartment wasn’t for sale for a long time but we had 4 visits upstream where people did notice the darkness of the room. We thought that if we couldn’t sell it at the expected price, we would have to sell it below the market price… but thanks to Espaciel we fixed this issue!

3- Espaciel reflector: discovery, selection and installation

Our son – who is much younger than us! – suggested the principle of installing mirrors in the house. I wanted to check on the Internet how people were doing that and I found Espaciel website. I thought it was a nice concept, however I wasn’t totally convinced… I wanted to test it though, in order to have any regret concerning my chances to sell my apartment.

I called Espaciel on a Sunday because I had a small issue concerning the size of the reflector I wanted to order. I chose to order a garden reflector 80cm*50cm following the approval of Alexi, Espaciel founder. This product suits perfectly situations like mine: bay window overlooking a garden or a terrace. I intended to order a reflector which was about $300,00 so it was great to be reassured and advised at that time. Alexi is available for his customers and their concerns, even on a Sunday. I really appreciate the service and support given by Espaciel!

The delivery was made on time. It was super easy to install, we simply followed the instructions and the reflector was setup!

rez-de-jardin sombre réflecteur de lumière Espaciel

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4- What does the reflector bring to the room?

It’s life-changing! When there is a sunbeam the living room is bright, and whenever there is a little light outside, we can see an improvement. I am even convinced that it plays a role on our morale! The living-room is now more welcoming and cozy. We live for 2 years in this apartment and I regret not having bought the reflector earlier… I would have glad to have this extra light too! Besides, I plan to buy one for our new house beside the sea. I am a 100% pleased of the product and the responsiveness from the Espaciel team: pre-sale and post-sale too!

rez-de-jardin sombre réflecteur de lumière Espaciel


5- New visits and a record time sale of the apartment

To be quite honest, I was doubtful about the effectiveness of the reflector. In the end, I am blown away! I thought we could do anything we wanted of the pictures with Photoshop, but now, I know they are not retouched! Our goal has been achieved since the week after the installation of reflector we had 3 visits including 2 proposals. I sold it just after, in 1 week! The reflector is visible but no one has made a comment on it: it fits quite well in the garden.

Thank you Patricia for your support and for sharing your testimony with us!

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