Lack of luminosity in a south exposed living-room – Zahira’s testimony near Paris

Zahira is an Espaciel customer who lives in a house in the city center of a town near Paris. Due to the proximity to her neighbor’s house, his living room remained very dark despite the addition of a new window and its southern exposure. Zahira had considered several solutions and she finally chose the Espaciel one…

1- A room without window

Salon sombre plein sud, réflecteur de lumière EspacielI live in a house in the city center in Essonne (French department), around twenty kilometers from Paris, which is very convenient. The natural light is pretty good and pleasant in general in the house, except in the living room. I divided our main room in two parts with a large bookshelf: dining area and lounge area. The dining room is north-exposed but it has two large windows and a glass tiles wall which makes it quite bright.

In the lounge area, there was no window at the time we purchased the house. I decided to add one in the at the back of the room. After work, it brought extra light of course, but not enough. The atmosphere remained different from the rest of the house. The window faces south but little light reaches it. It is directly facing the wall of the neighbor’s house, about ten centimeters away. On top of that, there’s my roof overhang just above. Result: too little light arrives into my living room, it remains relatively dark all year. Yet it is a part of life in which my family and I spend a lot of time.

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2- Different solutions for more natural light in a south-facing living room

Salon sombre plein sud, réflecteur de lumière EspacielI have sought for a long time about ways to bring more light into this room. The new window was already a big step. I then thought of the light pipe installation but it would have been quite visible from the outside: issue for the acceptance by the town. Furthermore, there is a room above the room, the light pipe should have the cross it. So I quickly abandoned the idea.

While I was doing some researches on Google, I read an article about a very dark town in Italy that was located in a valley. The mayor had installed a giant mirror on the hill to bring light to its inhabitants. It gave me the idea to search “mirror reflector” on Google and I found out Espaciel website.

3- How did Zahira choose her light reflector?

At first, I intended to order an interior light reflector to place it inside, on my windowsill. After chatting online with Lucie, an Espaciel counselor, she recommended me to take an exterior one. With the little direct light I had in the room, she assured me that the result would be much better if I was installing the reflector outside window and not inside. Thus the reflector could capture more light and redirect it in my living room.

Despite his advice, I was still a little bit skeptical. This is the offer “Money Back Guarantee” that convinced me to try (When you receive the product, you have 30 days to try it, install it and keep it or return it to us. We will refund you the full amount you paid, less the return shipping cost). Taking into account Lucy’s advices, I chose the exterior reflector 60 x 25cm on the online store that fits very well my window and its width.

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4- A result that exceeded her expectations

I installed the Espaciel reflector by myself and it was rather easy. At first, I had positioned it in the wrong way, it didn’t redirected the light in the room but on the top of the window. I realized that I had to incline it a little bit more inward so that the daylight can be reflected in and go deeper into the room.

I was very surprised with the result! From noon when the sun is above my house, the effect is definitely there! I have more light in my living room, there is even a square of sunlight on the ceiling. I tested the product and in the end I am completely satisfied!

Salon sombre plein sud, réflecteur de lumière Espaciel


I also followed another advice that Espaciel gives in its 8 solutions guide to bring light at home. I changed my black and white striped curtains for white translucent net curtains that allow more daylight to enter the room. This extra light is easily redirected, without any obstacle. Meanwhile, my dark furniture are still there, but I think to replace them later!

The light reflector really brings cheerfulness to the room that was completely dark before. Finally, I can enjoy all the natural light that a south facing living room could hope!

Many thanks Zahira for sharing your testimony with us!

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