More light in the kitchen – Debbie’s testimony from London

Residential neighborhoods, often located nearby the city, are a great place to live. The good quality of life is also made by the quietness and peacefulness of this place compared to the city center. Houses can have 2 or 3 floors and can be close to each other. Unfortunately, this may lead to a lack of luminosity on the ground floor rooms as the neighbor’s house just in front of yours. Here is Debbie’s testimony, she lives near London and had a very dark kitchen for 3 years. She finally found a solution to her situation a few months ago with Espaciel… Click here to see Charlotte’s testimony, our first customer in London.

 london light espaciel

1) How is your home and the room you wanted to brighten?

Hello I’m Debbie, I’m living in a house in Greater London Area (North eastern London). The lighting in my kitchen, located on the ground floor, has been an issue for the last 3 years. I have one West facing window that is open on the exterior. The sunlight gets to the window in the afternoon but the fence and the house next door blocked daylight and sunlight. As a result, my kitchen was always very dark.

 cuisine sombre réflecteur lumière Espaciel Londrescuisine sombre réflecteur lumière Espaciel Londres


2) Did you consider any other solution to bring more light in your kitchen?

A good natural lighting is really important to me in my everyday life. Therefore I wanted a bright kitchen since it’s an important room in the house. For those reasons I was thinking about construction work to get more light in the kitchen but I didn’t find an appropriate and easy solution…

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3) How did you find out about Espaciel?

cuisine sombre réflecteur lumière Espaciel Londres

I discover Espaciel on Facebook, I then went to their website and chatted with a counselor. As requested, Jeremy sent me more information by email later on. We exchanged several emails and photos to know what solution would be the best for my kitchen. I have to say Espaciel’s advices are excellent, they care about your needs.

My window couldn’t fit a regular exterior reflector as the left hand window opens outward. Instead of one regular large reflector, Jeremy recommended me 2 smaller reflectors 45 cm x 25 cm: 1 per window, with 2 specific fastening kits to fit it. That way, the reflectors fastened on the window frame wouldn’t disturb its opening, even outward.

cuisine sombre réflecteur lumière Espaciel Londres


4) How did the order and installation go in London?

cuisine sombre réflecteur lumière Espaciel LondresIt was easy to order on their website, I did it online after a phone call to be sure about the process and then they confirmed my order via email.

The delivery in the UK was made by Alex and Jeremy in January 2016. They had planned a business trip for several meetings here in London. It was the perfect opportunity for them to come and install the products. Reflectors are installed on the outside of the kitchen window, the installation was simple and quick. I was also glad to meet Alex and Jeremy.

cuisine sombre réflecteur lumière Espaciel Londres>> Order my Light Reflector



5) Now what is the result? 

I saw the results right away which was very appreciable. The reflectors gives me more light, it lifts my spirits each day! Overall they work fine and do bring in extra light to the room. The result is better on sunny days as supposed, but I do still get more light on gloomy days.

before after dark kitchen light reflector espaciel

6) Any last word?

I’m pleased with the product and with my experience with Espaciel: efficient helpful staff, quick service, easy installation and more light, which is brilliant! I would have no hesitation in recommending Espaciel and its product to anyone interested in achieving the same as me. In fact, I have already given your card to my neighbors!

Thanks a lot Debbie for sharing your experience and for your support!

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