Natural light with Espaciel

Espaciel launches its blog on the theme “Natural Light and Lifestyle”.        

Natural light is an essential need. We all need it in order to feel good in our homes. And yet far too many homes are still dark and gloomy. Depending on the sensitivity of the occupants, the lack of light can cause varying degrees of unhappiness ranging from mild discomfort to genuine suffering.

Here at Espaciel, our ambition is to make natural daylight available to everyone in their own homes. Yes, that’s all! We came up with the idea for the first window reflectors in the world, designed as window accessories. Ultra effective, extremely practical and genuinely long-lasting, our Espaciel reflectors can be installed in just 5 minutes and work even when there’s no sunshine.

It’s a genuine revolution. For the first time, introducing natural light has become child’s play. This creates a range of totally new possibilities in terms of arranging your interior layout with natural light. At Espaciel, we are convinced that our customers can create their own lifestyles with natural light in rooms and homes that may seem quite unsuitable. This is a whole new story that we hope we can write together, and of which this blog will be the journey log.

This is what has motivated us to create this new communication portal today. We hope you’ll find it enlightening!

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