North facing apartment – William’s testimony from Montreal

William T. and his wife Isabelle, a French-Canadian couple, are one of Espaciel’s first customers in Montréal, Canada. They live in an apartment on the third and last floor of a typical brick house from the 90’s. With a north exposure, their apartment had a lack of light. Discover their testimony and the solution they choose with Espaciel to bring more light inside their rooms.

1- Can you describe you new apartment?

My wife and I are living in Montreal (Canada) in a residential borough: Outremont. When I was younger, I was living with my parents in a small town further north from Montreal. I moved to the city to study, where I’ve met Isabelle, and we decided to stay there. Last year, we bought a new apartment located 15 minutes from downtown. We needed more space and additional rooms for our two kids. We also wanted to stay close from Montreal city appartement nord sombre espacielcenter because I’m working over there. We love this apartment: large living room, 3 bedrooms, last floor of the building, nice neighborhood… but it isn’t as bright as our previous home. The main rooms have a northern exposure: the sunlight never comes inside. Moreover, the living room has some windows facing other buildings which prevents daylight from entering fully.


2- Did this lack of luminosity have an impact on your everyday life?

Our previous apartment was extremely bright thanks to many bay windows and a southern exposure. During the visit of our current apartment, we immediately noticed the difference, although the latter is far from being totally dark. My wife has her own design studio, she works appartement nord sombre espacielat home and does also many manual and artistic works. A good lighting is needed and important for her well-being. In addition, from November to March, the days get significantly shorter here in Canada: the sun sets in the middle of the afternoon! This means that shortly after lunch we turn on the lights… It has an impact on our mood, so we try to take the most advantage of natural light, especially in winter! Many people are affected by SAD here, and like many Canadians, we attended light therapy sessions several times. We were also looking for a natural solution to fill this lack of light…


3- How did you discover Espaciel’s solution?

As I said, I was looking for a natural solution to maximize the brightness inside our living room and I found Espaciel on the Internet. I then contacted them last summer, to be sure that this solution would be appropriate to our expectations. It turned out that Jeremy, an Espaciel daylight expert, was planning a business trip to Canada during the following month. I was pleased to have a physical meeting with him so that he could show me and explain me the benefits of the light reflector.


4- Which solution did you chose? Why?

Jeremy came to my place which allowed him to make a quick and effective diagnosis. He had brought a light reflector with him to show me the desired effect. The reflective surface of the product was sending the lightappartement nord sombre espaciel rays on my ceiling and deep into the room. He showed me the windows on which I should fix light reflectors and advised me on their installation: every window in my living room with interior and exterior reflector, our bedroom with a reflector on the railing of the balcony. Although facing the north, the reflectors would reflect the natural daylight inside our home.

I ordered my light reflectors with Jeremy on Espaciel online store. I received my order the week after and I installed them using the instructions. It was very simple for interior reflectors and quite easy for the exterior and the balcony. You don’t have to be good at DIY to install them correctly!

appartement nord sombre espaciel

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5- What is the result of the light reflectors installation at home?

Just after fixing the reflectors, we have seen a significant improvement. Of course, it’s not as bright as in our previous south facing apartment, but it’s a good balance. The result is noticeable every day and it’s even strongeron sunny days.

If we meet a situation like this in a future housing, we won’t hesitate to contact Espaciel! I also told one of my colleagues about it. He lives in a basement a few blocks from here, and I think a reflector installation could bring more daylight in his home. (See reflectors installation in a basement)

appartement nord sombre espaciel

6- Any last word?

I recommend the light reflector Espaciel to all people who want a good natural light at home. It changes the atmosphere and gives life to a room. It’s a great way to light up a room naturally and without work construction! The price is incomparable to all other existing solutions (addition or enlargement of windows, light pipe…). The product seems very resistant: it’s light but resistant to the snow. Moreover, it’s eco-friendly since the reflector captures the daylight available outside!


Thank you for sharing your experience with us William! If you too would like to share your story, write to us at and we will be delighted to tell it here!

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