A balcony reflector following the sun – Elisabeth’s testimony in Sète

Elisabeth is lucky to live in Sète (Southern France), where the weather is shinny most of the time. In addition to that, she lives in a south exposed apartment but the sun did not come in … Pretty frustrating situation, isn’t it? Fortunately, in a newsletter, she found the right solution with Espaciel’s help. Discover here another blog post about a south-exposed room with poor natural lighting.


1- A south facing apartment without sun

pièce sans soleil réflecteur de lumière Espaciel

I live in Sète, Southern France, in an apartment located right in front of a theater. My apartment is on the first floor of a 3 story building. I have 3 windows in my room opened on to a terrace and I’m facing south. This room should be perfectly bright, only here, the theater is much higher than the building I live in (4 floors). In consequence, daylight and sunlight are blocked by this building most of the day. I can only get a little bit of sunlight in my living room from 5PM in the summer, as soon as it passed behind the theater. During the winter, the sun is too low to go over it. This is really unfortunate since there is a lot of sun in Sète and I couldn’t enjoy it at home!

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2- Espaciel on ConsoGlobe

I am particularly interested in organic products and I subscribe to several newsletters on the subject. It’s in a ConsoGlobe email that I read an insert dedicated to Espaciel. Finding the concept interesting, I clicked to find out more. I browsed the website and I really thought this product would help to make the sun come inside my home. I called Jeremy, an Espaciel advisor, who informed me about the solution and recommended to install a 80cm balcony reflector on my terrace balustrade.  Following our conversation, I wanted to test this reflector on one window.

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3- A reflector which follows the sun

pièce sans soleil réflecteur de lumière Espaciel

I installed the product immediately after receiving it. It was pretty simple as I tinker a lot. However, I realized that this first reflector wasn’t totally appropriate to my situation. The regular balcony reflector is fixed, the inclination is only possible along an axis of rotation from top to bottom to redirect daylight on the ceiling or deep into the room.

I could not capture the sun, yet that was what I was looking first. I gave my feedback about my installation to Jeremy and he found out a suitable solution: a double-rotation reflector. At that time, Espaciel was designing one of this model for a customer.

Unlike the balcony reflector, it has a central attachment that allows a second rotation: the light reflector can swivel from the left to the right (side to side) + up and down. This is the right solution if you want to capture the sun like me. You can incline the reflector according to the time of day so it redirects the sunlight inside the room.

My last question was about the mounting of the reflector: there is a lot of wind in Sète and my light reflector was moving a lot. Gabriel, an engineer at Espaciel, sent me a safety strap to attach the reflector to the railing. Now the installation is 100% secure.

pièce sans soleil réflecteur de lumière Espaciel


4- The sun comes in my room!

pièce sans soleil réflecteur de lumière Espaciel

The sun arrives inside the room and this is very pleasant! During the morning, I manually incline the light reflector on the left, and at noon I rather incline it on the right side. Thanks to it, I can capture the sunrays and redirect them in my living room: it is very easy to use. In addition, I can see the blue sky from my living room: it is reflected into the reflector and this makes the reflector installation very discrete.

Furthermore, the service is great: the Espaciel team answered all of my questions and requests. Initially, I was skeptical and wanted to benefit from the “Money Back Guarantee” offer, but thanks to Espaciel’s support I have now the product and the effect I was looking for!

Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures with us Elisabeth! 

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