Winter Sun & Balcony Cap: How to light a dark room? – Testimony of Thomas in Montreal

Thomas and Sophie have just moved into their new home in Montreal, Canada; their apartment is located on the first floor of a small apartment building and their terrace is at the rear of the building. Unfortunately, the balcony above acts as an awning, stopping the light from reaching their terrace and the interior of their apartment. Discover how the installation of solar reflectors transformed their lives!                           


How did you find out about Espaciel?

While my wife and I were still living in France, we were invited round by some friends of ours, who had installed exterior reflectors on their window sills. Curious, we asked them to explain the concept and tell us how the reflectors work. We both thought that the idea was really super!

And then we moved to Canada. The balcony above our apartment acted as a sunscreen, stopping the light from entering. We immediately thought of Espaciel reflectors to solve our problem!

Which room did you want to brighten up?

Our main problem is the light-blocking overhead balcony, which stops the light from getting to our terrace and our living room. My wife and I agree that it is important to have as much light as possible in the living room, since we spend a lot of our time there: we watch the TV, read or invite friends into this area. This room is always dark and gloomy, especially during the winter months.       


What is your apartment like?

We live on the first floor of a small apartment building. Our living room overlooks a long and pretty south-facing terrace, but unfortunately the light is blocked by the terraces above. This is why the natural light simply can’t get into our home.


Did you receive any advice from a member of the team?                     

I really didn’t need any, thanks to the online configurator available on the Espaciel website. With just a few specific questions, it quickly identifies which type of reflector will best suit your needs. It’s easy and extremely practical. The configurator recommended that I fit solar balcony reflectors, and that was precisely what I needed!                                          

Do you see the effects of the reflectors e very day?

Yes! Whether it’s sunny, gray or rainy, the reflector functions every single day. Obviously the effects aren’t the same in sunny and gray weather, but I can always see the difference in terms of the brightness of the room. Even in rainy weather, the living room is lighter and brighter.

Did you install them yourself?

Absolutely – the reflectors are extremely easy to install yourself. The solar reflector has two fasteners that you must attach and then clip onto the balcony hand rail. Once attached, you simply direct the reflector at the chosen angle and that’s it! A great advantage is that you can easily alter the angle of the reflector depending on the position of the sun. 


What has it changed in your day-to-day lives?       

The reflectors provide us with more natural light on a daily basis. Our home is lighter and more pleasant to live it, which really changes everything! The living room seems warmer and more welcoming. We now take full advantage of our living room!


Would you like to add anything else about the product or service?

I would just add that I’m very happy with the effect of the reflectors, whatever the weather, and that I’m completely satisfied with the quality of the product, nothing else to add!

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