Thick walls: How could he brighten his interior? Philippe from Carcassonne shares his story.

Philippe and his wife live in a traditional stone house in the pretty town of Carcassonne, in France. Their east-facing living room and kitchen are often gloomy, with little sunshine and light. This lack of light is due to several factors: extremely thick walls, a narrow street and tall buildings opposite their home. Discover how Philippe increased the natural light in his home thanks to Espaciel light reflectors.       



1. What made you think about using a light reflector?

I hadn’t heard of Espaciel when I first began my research. My first idea was to have a light shaft installed in my house, but after making enquiries, it turned out that this would be complicated and cost several thousand euros. I carried on researching on the Internet, and came across the Espaciel website. Their light reflectors seemed more appropriate to meet my need for natural light and the cost of a light reflector is far less than the cost of constructing a light shaft. What’s more, the reflectors don’t require any construction work, which for me is a major advantage.     

2. What type of reflector did you order? And how did you make your choice?

To choose the right reflector for my home, I decided to get in touch with a light advisor. I first got in touch with Jérémie by email, and then spoke with him on the telephone. He listened to me and asked various specific questions concerning my needs for natural light. He then offered me a suitable solution to compensate for my thick walls.       

For the windows in my living room, which measure approximately 115 cm from wall to wall, I chose 2 exterior reflectors measuring 100 X 25 cm. I installed the reflectors on the window sills myself. The adjustable bar extends easily and attaches firmly to the walls on the right and left. It is extremely fast and simple, and the instructions are clear and easy to understand.


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3. How do the reflectors integrate with your facade?

Extremely well. They are installed on the outside, in the lower part of the window frame, below the windows. The reflectors are slim and discreet, and integrate perfectly with the urban environment.               


4. I see that you have shutters on your windows. Can you still close them?

Yes! When I want to close the shutters, I fold the reflectors towards the interior. My shutters simply close over them, leaving the reflector inside the shutters. And in the morning, I open the shutters and angle the light reflectors once again – it couldn’t be simpler.                    

5. Are you satisfied with the light reflectors?

I am completely satisfied with the effect of the Espaciel reflectors! My living room and kitchen have far more light than before; in fact it’s even better than I anticipated! It all depends on the amount of ambient light, of course, but the improvement is obvious in all conditions. What’s more, we even save electricity, since we no longer have to switch the lights on in these rooms. We still switch the lamps on from time to time, but far less frequently. Cooking has become a real pleasure again.  The room is lighter and brighter and I feel at home in it.  Even when the weather is gray or rainy, the reflector still has a noticeable effect, and the room is less gloomy.


6. Would you like to add anything?

Yes, I’d say that the installation could be achieved by anyone. The adjustable bar fits the window frame perfectly, and once the bar is in place all you need to do is clip the reflector to the bar. The angle of the reflector is then easily adjusted by hand, and once you’ve set the angle you really don’t need to touch it again.

Maintenance of the reflectors is ultra-simple too.  All you need to do is spray them with a window cleaning product and wipe the reflectors with a soft cloth from time to time.     

7. Would you recommend the Espaciel light reflectors?

Yes, with pleasure! They are effective and solid products, which in fact I’ve already recommended to our neighbours. Since they live on the same street as us, they have the same problem with the lack of light. They are extremely interested in trying this solution for themselves.

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