Well-being and natural light in inner courtyard apartment – Tigran’s testimony from Brussels

People who live in city centers and have the chance to be on the courtyard side have a real sound comfort unlike apartments situated on the street side. However, the rooms overlooking the courtyards are often dark as Christian explained in the first testimony on Espaciel blog… Discover in the article below Tigran’s story that tells us how he optimized natural light at home and how it contributes to his well -being.


 1- Presentation of Tigran’s ground floor courtyard apartment

I live in a ground floor apartment of a 5-storey building in Brussels. It is located in the city center and overlooking the backyard which is perfect for me and my comfort. This is a significant advantage: no noise from the street, and in the summer I can even hear the birds when I open the window!

I love this apartment: its configuration is fine and its location in Brussels is super convenient. But it is true that the rooms are not very bright … It is its Installation réflecteurs extérieurs rez-de-chaussée cour intérieure appartement sombreonly negative point. I have two large windows in my living room, the light reaches them but it’s not going further into the room. As I said, my room overlooks a courtyard that is surrounded by a 5-storey building. The view is nice but the building height doesn’t let the light go inside my apartment. Regarding my room, it’s worse, the window is facing a wall situated 1 meter away. This therefore leaves any space for the daylight to reach my window.


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 2- Espaciel’s solution

I had thought more generally about a system of mirrors in order to reflect the light but I didn’t know anything about Espaciel’s products. A friend told me about the Espaciel reflector. He gave me the contact of their office in Brussels. I immediately thought it was a great product, the system seemed suitable for my home and easy to install.

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 3- Choosing and fixing Espaciel’s reflectors

I wanted to focus on my living room, I didn’t want to equip my bedroom because it’s not the room where I spend most of my time. Following a telephone conversation with Jeremy, I chose to install a 100cm exterior reflector on each window. With my two large windows and open view over these, it was the best compromise to well reflect inside my home.

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However, I had some doubts about fixing reflectors on the window frame. It’s a building from the 1900’s where the walls aren’t very regular. I’ve seen it wasInstallation réflecteurs extérieurs rez-de-chaussée cour intérieure appartement sombre possible screw the reflector on the walls to secure the whole thing but I didn’t want to do it. Jeremy told me that the reflectors can be fixed without drilling, even when in case of bad or windy (which is often the case in Brussels!). The drilling is recommended to secure the height installations which is not my case since I live on the ground floor.

In the end, the reflectors don’t move at all. They are fixed with an adjustable bar that is hold by both sides of the wall. The installation part was really easy.


 4- Results and integration at Tigran’s

I like how the reflectors look, I think it suits well my windows and my backyard. Daylight is reflected by the Espaciel on my Installation réflecteurs extérieurs rez-de-chaussée cour intérieure appartement sombreceiling and in my whole room. The effect is also evident in the corner of the room where there is my mirror. I am very satisfied with the result, although the weather is cloudy and rainy right now, we are able to see more light in my living room. And when the sun goes down in the courtyard in summer, there are several hours in the daytime when the sun’s rays hit the reflector and come inside my living room.

Concerning the maintenance, it’s easy: I occasionally bow it depending on the effect I’m looking for (on the ceiling or more deeply into the room), and I sometimes clean it with a cloth.


 5- The impact of the good natural lighting in Tigran’s life

It’s great to have a bright living room thanks to the reflectors. In the morning, I go out of my room which is very dark and I arrive in my living room which is now more clear, the brightness is immediately improved. This gives a real feeling of cheerfulness in the morning!

Installation réflecteurs extérieurs rez-de-chaussée cour intérieure appartement sombreInstallation réflecteurs extérieurs rez-de-chaussée cour intérieure appartement sombre

This is a very interesting concept. In a more general way, my interior is brighter, it gives another dimension to the room. Certainly it does not replace an electric light when it I need it, but it has a real impact on my mood in the morning and on my well-being in my everyday life. For me, there is only positive things to say about it! I get up with more light, it wakes me up and it’s very nice!


Thank you for sharing your experience with us Tigran! If you too would like to share your story, write to us at espaciel@espaciel.com and we will be delighted to tell it here!

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