Daylighting reflectors offer new solutions to develop and enhance your projects. We will be happy to assist you at every stage, from design to implementation.

Système d'éclaraige naturel pour Tunnelle Paravalanche

Natural light to improve road safety for cyclists in the mountains

Haute-Savoie (France)Application : daylighting of an avalanche gallery Reflectors in use : Giant Reflector

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Projet d'éclairage naturel artistique

The sun and contemporary art meet in the Haut-Jura

Haut-Jura (France) Application : solar illumination of a public sculptureReflector in use : Héliostat

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Réflecteur pour bureau

Brightness in the living room of a city centre office

Paris (France)Application : natural lighting of an office in sky light, without direct sunlight Reflector in use : Window

Eclairez naturellement un restaurant

A ray of sunshine to share unforgettable moments over a meal

Paris (France)Application : sunlight from a restaurant terrace Reflector in use : Patio

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Eclairage naturel pour bureau

Creating a view of the sky for users of an administrative service

Surenes (France)Application : natural lighting of a garden level work space on the inner courtyard Reflector in use : Wall 

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Eclairage naturel pour centre d'appel

Natural light in offices while protecting from the sun, a dilemma finally solved

Paris (France)Application : solar protection and daylighting of an office space Reflector in use : Upstore