Telecommuting and natural light

Since 16 March, a third of French employees have switched to teleworking. A radical change whose aim is to limit the output and spread of the virus. The objective of using telework is also to accelerate economic recovery.

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Young woman teleworking in front of her window, the only point of contact with the outside world – Photo Marina Andrejchenko

At home, in our apartment, we had to find ways to adapt. Some of us are used to this method of balancing private and professional life a few days a week. But with the health crisis, this practice has become systematic. It is not always easy. Teleworking raises many questions:

  • Finding a space that can accommodate this new way of working at home
  • Reconciling work with the presence of children who are no longer in school
  • Organizing the days to stay productive
  • Arrange the living space to allow for efficient work

From office to home

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Young man working at home on his couch with computer and mobile phone – Photo Seventyfour

Most people do not have a space reserved for the “home office”. Some have a quiet room to work in. Others share the apartment or house with other people such as parents, children, spouse, roommate(s) or pets. Some configurations are harder to concentrate. Teleworking is therefore a very unequal solution.

It is essential to set rules with the people you live with in order to work in good conditions. Do not disturb others, avoid noise, isolate yourself to stay focused.

Tip : To maintain a “healthy” work routine, keep your lifestyle habits. Set up a professional and personal time distancing that allows you to take a step back and promotes concentration.

Maintaining exchanges between colleagues while teleworking

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Exchange with co-workers to maintain good team cohesion – Photo Andrey Popov

Not all of us experience containment in the same way. Some live it very well while others live it less. How do you keep up with your colleagues? It is no longer possible to have a coffee, to discuss during the lunch break. Online collaborative tools make it possible to stay connected in spite of everything.

Tip : Slack is a collaborative tool that allows you to chat with your colleagues in real time. A very popular online chat.

Telecommuting in natural light

During this period of confinement and telecommuting, it is essential to have a source of natural light at home. The Espaciel Reflector is the solution for our well-being. It is placed in front of the openings with the help of a clever support because it does not require any work. The Espaciel Reflector brings up to 50% more luminosity, even in overcast weather.

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Upstore Reflectors in a home office in the Lille region – Photo Espaciel

Not having the light of day, and not going out, has an impact on our morale, especially in this springtime period. Espaciel proposes to bring daylight and sunlight into your home with its famous Daylight Reflector.

The Espaciel teleworking team

The Espaciel team is currently teleworking. Let’s stick together. We telework to advise and inform you about natural light and its benefits :). Espaciel’s manufacturing and deliveries are maintained throughout France and abroad.

Take care and have a good working day!

Natural lighting of the “home office” of the Shop-Hand manager to discover in video – Vidéo Espaciel

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