How do the Light Reflectors work?

Espaciel Light Reflector Description

1 - Capture

The highly reflective surface of the Espaciel Reflector captures the natural light.

2 - Transmit

The angle enables the flow of natural light to be directed into your home.

3 - Diffuse

Your walls and ceilings diffuse brightness: your room is lighter, naturally.

Espaciel, making life brighter :)

The Espaciel advantages

Espaciel Effective Every Day

Effective every day

The Espaciel Reflector brings you 50% more light in your home, whatever the weather. It works without sunshine, thanks to its high-tech reflective surface.

Espaciel Unbreakable


The unique surface of the Espaciel Reflector contains no glass. It is unbreakable, 5 times lighter than a classic mirror and 30% more reflective.

Espaciel Quick Installation

Quick installation

All Espaciel Reflectors are easy to install in minutes, and without tools thanks to the ingenious fixing systems.

The range of Espaciel Reflectors

Espaciel Balcony Reflector

Balcony Reflector

Transform your balcony railing into a source of natural light

169,00 € $199.00 HT £ 149.00 TTC $249.00 HT CHF 179.00 HT


Espaciel Window Reflector

Window Reflector

Boost the light coming in through your window by up to 50%

169,00 € $199.00 HT £ 149.00 TTC $249.00 HT CHF 179.00 HT


Espaciel Interior Reflector

Interior Reflector

Redirect the natural light available on your window ledge

79,00 € $99.00 HT £ 69.00 TTC $119.00 HT CHF 89.00 HT


Espaciel Garden Reflector

Garden Reflector

Improve your well-being by installing a Reflector in front of your French window

269,00 € $319.00 HT £ 239.00 TTC $399.00 HT CHF 289.00 HT


Espaciel Wall Reflector

Wall Reflector

Collect the light from a facing wall

169,00 € $199.00 HT £ 149.00 TTC $249.00 HT CHF 179.00 HT


Espaciel Terrace Reflector

Terrace Reflector

Draw in the daylight through your bay window

169,00 € $179.00 HT £ 129.00 TTC $229.00 HT CHF 169.00 HT


Our customers say…

"The light is coming into my home for the first time. And what’s more, I can see the sky!"

Christian K.
Ground floor

"Extremely simple procedure, it cheers the place up 100% as soon as it’s daylight!"

Françoise L.
1st floor with overhanging balcony

"Our north-facing kitchen which was dark is now bright! The effect is impressive on rainy days."

Claudine & Alain
north-facing facade

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