Let yourself be carried away by a sweet desire for light and share your favourites!

An interior courtyard bathed in light for this contemporary loft.

Christine, at Bordeaux (France) Reflectors used : Solar Patio Reflector,Terrace
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Diffusing light in a stylish apartment

Bruxelles (Belgium) Reflectors used : Window,Balcony, Wall
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Illuminating a Haussmann-style apartment on the 1st floor

Juliette, in Paris (France) Reflectors used : Balcony
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Bringing sunshine into a detached house with garden to the north

Sophie, in Orchies (French Flandre) Reflectors used : Garden, Smart Reflector 
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Light up your living room naturally, easily and quickly

Emma, in Montréal (Québec, Canada) Reflectors used : WIndow 
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Luminous and design, an open space desk in acidulous colours.

Alice, in Lille (France) Reflectors used : Upstore

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