Lighting up your living room naturally – Testimony of Emma in Montreal

Emma, 31, is a tenant of a large apartment in Montreal, Canada. In front of her living room and dining room windows is a large hardwood tree that blocks natural light from entering her apartment. Discover how the installation of interior and exterior reflectors changed Emma’s life!

Context of Emma’s situation

Why is it important for you to have light in your interior?

I am a teacher and I often work from home, in my living room: every week, I have to prepare my lessons from home, correct papers, do research for my students… . In front of my windows is a tree, which is leafy for almost 6 months of the year. It darkens my apartment and I have to turn on the lights.

In addition to tiring my eyes, my electricity consumption is quite high. That’s why having naturally bright rooms was very important to me.

How is your apartment arranged?

I moved into this apartment in 2012. I live in a very nice neighborhood in Montreal. The street is green and quiet. The only drawback is that there is an imposing tree right in front of my living room windows on the first floor that completely blocks the light in the summer. It doesn’t go any further than my window sill.

My apartment is often dark because the light doesn’t penetrate completely and never deep into it. And then in winter, the sun is lower and very rarely reaches my windows.

Were you looking for a solution to bring more natural light into your home?

Yes, it was really becoming necessary. Moreover, Montreal is a rather bright city in both summer and winter and I thought it was a real shame not to enjoy it at home. So I did a lot of research on the internet and that’s how I came across Espaciel’s website.



Control and installation of light reflectors

How was your purchase?

I was looking for an easy solution without any work to light up my interior. While typing different keywords in an internet search bar, I came across a store called “Le Balconier”, located in Montreal. This shop, specializing in material for terraces and balconies, has recently introduced Espaciel light reflectors. So I went there to get some advice. Réjean, salesman and owner of the store, advised me very well on the models to install!

Which light reflectors did you order and why?

I ordered two types of reflectors.

  • Inner reflectors : that I put on my windowsill inside. They are very easy and quick to install! Just remove it and tilt it and you’re done! No work is necessary and it’s a big advantage (same for the window reflector by the way).

Window reflectors which are attached to the outside by means of an adjustable bar. Installation takes only a few minutes.

To increase the effect, I chose to place a window reflector on the windowsill and another interior reflector on my window sill. The two models complement each other well. The exterior reflectors reflect the light back to the ceiling and far into my room. While the interior reflectors reflect the light towards the middle of my room. As a result, my entire living room and dining room are lit!



The result after using the light reflectors

Do they give you satisfaction?

Entirely! My interior is now clear and bright. It changes me so much from before. I turn on my lamps a little less, but above all, I feel better at home. Natural light is much better for my visual comfort.

The effect of the reflectors is really surprising, especially on grey and rainy days. The maintenance is simple, I simply pass a fabric with a little product to you from time to time. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Anything else to say about the product, the service?

I think the reflector is really a great innovation. Although the reflectors are light, they are very strong. As I’m on the 1st floor, I secured my installation as much as possible by simply adding 2 screws in the 2 holes provided at the end caps of the mounting bar. It’s important and it holds well! (laughs)

I recommend it to anyone who wants to have more light in their home. You will not be disappointed! In fact, my mom is going to equip herself with reflectors for our vacation home near Charlevoix (Quebec).

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