Bringing down the sun with the Patio Solaire reflector – Testimony of Christine in Bordeaux

Bringing the sun down with the Solar Patio Reflector

Christine spends time abroad for professional reasons. When she returns to Bordeaux, she finds her private patio living room. Christine wanted more natural light to feel comfortable at home. Find out how Espaciel was able to meet her need with original solutions:


Background on Christine’s situation

Can you show us your home?

I live in a very bright foreign apartment on a marina. When I come back to France, I find my pied-à-terre in Bordeaux. Unfortunately, the living room is quite dark and receives very little sunlight. I had a real need to gain more light and improve my well-being.

How did you find out about Espaciel?

I discovered Espaciel on the internet. Everything was very easy, especially thanks to the online questionnaire. The bay window that opens onto the patio is fixed over 7 metres long, so I turned to the terrace reflector.



Which reflector did you order and why?

I ordered 3 terrace light reflectors for my bay windows, to be placed outside in front of my house. The delivery was very fast.


Here the light reflectors terrace in Christine’s inner courtyard.

We have installed them at the foot of the bay window, so that they redirect the light from the sky deep into our living room.

They blend in well with my patio: they are design and discreet. I can now read in my living room, comfortably seated in my sofa without artificial lighting.

And on top of that, I see the reflection of the sky in it.


Here is a diagram of the operation of the terrace reflector



Unpublished : the solar patio reflector

Why did you contact Espaciel again?

The patio light reflectors gave me more natural light and I am very satisfied with it.

However, I wanted to go further when Espaciel suggested another reflector system, to bring some sunshine down into the patio: the solar patio reflector.


Little word from Espaciel:

When Christine told us about her idea to bring the sun down into her patio to enjoy it all year round, we were immediately thrilled with the challenge.

We then discussed with Christine about the possibility of making a brand new type of Espaciel reflector for her: solar patio reflectors.

A novel solution for people who have an opening onto a patio or inner courtyard and who have never had the sun before.

That’s why we decided to offer everyone this model of light reflector in one size 80 x 50 : the Solar Patio Reflector


The made-to-measure work was carried out in a few weeks in the Espaciel workshops in Lille.

Regarding the installation, members of the Espaciel team came to my home to proceed with the assembly of the solar patio reflectors.

The result

Are you satisfied with your light reflectors?

I am very satisfied with my patio light reflectors and my second purchase at Espaciel to get the sun in addition to the brightness.

I was the first customer to benefit from this unique type of reflector. The combination of the 2 models of light reflectors allows a complete and optimal installation for my comfort at home.

This allows more natural light into my living room and increases my well-being.




Any last words?

Thank you very much to all the Espaciel team for listening to my expectations and making a new type of reflector adapted to my needs.


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