Satisfied with my Espaciel purchase

« I bought a light reflector with the balcony mounting. I made the choice to invest in high-quality equipment from a company specialising in light reflection. I am satisfied with my choice, as the product really does the trick. My wife, who is Corsican, wanted more daylight in the house. »

Denis, entrepreneur, homeowner in Plessis Robinson, Ile-de-France.


A solution for interior courtyards in Paris

« I didn’t think the Espaciel system would provide so much light.The sun never shines into my living room, which looks out over the building’s courtyard.Actually, the sky is brighter than you might think, even for a flat on the second floor ».

Marie, corporate executive, tenant in Paris.


Perfect for small, dark interiors !

« My partner was expecting, and we didn’t want our baby to grow up in the shade. It’s small enough in our place as it is. We bought 3 light reflectors and it’s changed our interior completely. Now we really feel at home ».

Florent, freelancer, homeowner in Reuil, Ile-de-France.


I finally rented out my flat :)

Without a tenant, my flat on the first floor in the 7th arrondissement of Paris was costing me a lot in fees every month.Thanks to the installation of 2 Espaciel reflectors, I managed to rent it out in no time.

Maryse, senior executive, homeowner in Paris.


It’s amazingly effective, even when it’s not sunny !

« I am surprised at how much light it spreads around.The Espaciel reflector installed flat in front of  my bedroom window works very well.I am thinking of ordering another reflector, for the living room window this time. »

Christophe, managing director, homeowner in Tournai, Belgium.


The solution against damp rooms

« When the sun is out, the light reflector sends its rays into my bedroom against the wall leading to the bathroom.After a few days, the damp on the wall disappeared, and it completely changed the atmosphere of my bedroom. »

Noël, senior executive, homeowner in Saint-Ouen, Ile-de-France.


A natural solution for bringing out the best in a building

« Our building is made of natural materials.Natural light is the next logical step in this approach.Espaciel allows us to use daylight to showcase the architecture, right into the farthest corners of the rooms ».

Anne-Sophie, restaurant manager in Roubaix.


Our goal is to make daylight accessible to everyone in their own home. This is why we communicate with all our clients.We interview them after their order has been delivered, to hear their comments and thoughts.  We thus make sure our product range stays up-to-date and tailored to meet your needs.

Avis et test Espaciel


The results on increased light levels from the Espaciel reflector were evaluated by an independent laboratory specialising in natural lighting.

The Espaciel PRO light reflector is included as part of the light training programmes of CSTB, the benchmark public body specialising in construction sciences and techniques.

Avis et test Espaciel


The Espaciel reflector meets all applicable standards and regulations. It is suitable for all condominium requirements as it is installed discreetly in your flat, on your balcony next to the window pots, in front of your window or inside.

Its no-drilling-required installation allows tenants and homeowners to benefit from a brighter interior

Avis et test Espaciel


The Espaciel reflector provides an innovative solution that is equally suited to modern and traditional architecture.

Numerous architectural projects have already chosen the Espaciel PRO solution to optimise levels of natural light.Here are a few sample applications:creating loft apartments in the Paris region, renovating luxurious houses in Brussels, a naval base in Wallonia, a block of flats in Roubaix, and more.

Avis et test Espaciel