August 30, 2018
Das Macdonald-Lagerhaus in einem Geschäftsviertel in Paris

Macdonald’s warehouse, the birth of a new business quarter in Paris

Today, even if urban sprawl is increasingly nibbling at our landscapes, we can see new parts of the city appear instead of old industrial wastelands, as is the case with the Macdonald warehouse. This is why the creation of the Rosa Parks place in Paris 19th district is excellent news. This neglected place, trapped between the railways and the ring road, is undergoing an  unprecedented renewal with the redevelopment of the former warehouses on Macdonald Boulevard.  Image XDGA – FAAI  An Empire Marshal who ate french fries ?   Télérama Image  No, there is no connection between the famous takeaway kitchen chain and the boulevard that surrounds the north of Paris at the end of the 19th district. Between Parc...