Macdonald’s warehouse, the birth of a new business quarter in Paris

Today, even if urban sprawl is increasingly nibbling at our landscapes, we can see new parts of the city appear instead of old industrial wastelands, as is the case with the Macdonald warehouse. This is why the creation of the Rosa Parks place in Paris 19th district is excellent news. This neglected place, trapped between the railways and the ring road, is undergoing an  unprecedented renewal with the redevelopment of the former warehouses on Macdonald Boulevard

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An Empire Marshal who ate french fries ?

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No, there is no connection between the famous takeaway kitchen chain and the boulevard that surrounds the north of Paris at the end of the 19th district. Between Parc de la Villette and Porte d’Aubervilliers is the largest building in Europe, the Macdonald warehouse, 617 m long. This immense concrete structure is the central stage of this major urban development project, along boulevard Macdonald. 

Natural light and vegetation : main actors of the project

Building, housing, offices, shops, schools, a social centre, an incubator… on 600m, it is necessarily taking the side of density. However, these areas must be made pleasant and attractive places. The importance given to vegetation and natural light was then decisive for the Macdonald  warehouse redevelopment  project. The shape of the buildings, their cladding and the greening of the interior islands take this into account  and meet the criterias of an eco-neighbourhood. To complete the process,  Espaciel is well placed to offer its services and natural light reflectors to new residents. 

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A new ultra-connected and very commercial area

What makes the Macdonald Warehouse an unique neighbourhood is the amount of transportation, commerce and services that keep it alive. The new RER E station created within the area gives its name to the district :  Rosa Parks. With the arrival of the Tram, the district is ultra-connected, despite the absence of a metro. Another parameter that makes us witness the creation of a real part of the city, the opening of many shops and restaurants, directly accessible from the street. In this regard, the new Leroy Merlin store on Macdonald Boulevard distributes our products.

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A last word to the end

To thank you for reading all the way through, we kept a little secret for you  at the end. Yes, Espaciel is interested in this new Parisian district for the challenges of natural light and the proximity of our distributor Leroy Merlin. That’s true. There is also another more personal reason… Our  founder lived there and designed the first light reflector not far from the Macdonald warehouse, rue de Crimée, in Paris 19, in 2006. Since then, the neighbourhood has changed a lot. It now brings together the most extravagant experiences of opening form: Cross or circular windows are a new challenge for our Light Reflectors.

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