Appartement Haussmannien : renovate with natural light – an architect’s project in Paris

To renovate a Haussmann-style apartment, Juliette, Interior Architect, carried out work focused on natural light. In this article, discover the solutions implemented to open up the space, light it up and connect it to the building’s garden.


Apartment Haussmannien: bringing in natural light

Context of the situation

The Haussmanian building has become the signature of Paris and its art of living. First of all, the classic charm of these buildings born in the Second Empire still seduces. The construction of the Haussmann-style buildings met drastic specifications. Aesthetics of the facade, alignment of the street, number of floors and also social distribution… These are all major constraints on comfort and inner well-being. But expectations regarding living have changed since Baron Haussmann. Today, the original plans of a Haussmann apartment, in which the surfaces are fragmented and partitioned and where circulation is inconvenient, are not well adapted to today’s needs. So, how to transform these dwellings into spacious, open and luminous interiors?

As an interior architect trained in Arts Déco, Juliette then took up this challenge during the renovation of a beautiful 200 m2 Haussmann-style apartment on the first floor of an independent building overlooking a large garden with trees.

Natural light as a structuring element

Donc, pour ce projet, le travail sur la lumière naturelle a été central. Juliette a souhaité optimiser la lumière du jour et valoriser les fenêtres qui donnent sur le jardin. Elle a ainsi créé une grande pièce à vivre bénéficiant d’un bon ensoleillement le matin. Le cloisonnement beaucoup plus ouvert que l’existant fait la part belle au cloisons vitrée. Et donc pour conclure, la convivialité et la circulation de la lumière naturelle s’en trouvent largement améliorés.


Installation of light reflectors

The light reflector an innovative solution integrated into the project

The openings of this Haussmann-style apartment are all equipped with light reflectors. This device makes the most of the natural light available in front of the windows, on the garden and courtyard sides. The stability of the building does not allow the openings to be enlarged, even though they would benefit from being wider. This is the interest of the Espaciel light reflector, which can be adapted to any window without prior work.

Detail of Espaciel products used for the project

– Window reflectors


Installation of Reflectors window, garden side, sky light

Wall reflectors


Installation of wall-mounted reflectors, garden side, morning sun rays

Balcony reflectors


Installation of Reflectors for balconies, yard side, sky light

Video report: results with Espaciel Reflectors

Before/After Effect

Discover in one minute, the immediate gain in brightness thanks to the Espaciel Light Reflectors.

Volume redefinition

The work on space and layout

By erasing several unnecessary partitions, Juliette then redefined the volumes of this Haussmann-style apartment so that it would have a large living room. It has thus become one of the main attractions of the apartment where the spaces surprise by the comfort and pleasure they provide.

The development of interior canopies

Subsequently, in addition to the light reflectors that collect the available light potential, the canopies allow its homogeneous diffusion in the living spaces.

Any last words?

In conclusion, a successful mission for Juliette who has totally transformed this home while remaining faithful to its original character. The volumes of the dwelling have been revised and new fitting techniques have been implemented: glass canopies and light reflectors. But Juliette has remained faithful to the original materials of the dwelling, giving pride of place to wood, ceramics and the intervention of craftsmen. It is therefore a fair balance between modern and old with natural light as a guiding thread.

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