How to illuminate a loft in an urban area? Justin’s testimony in Lille

Moving into a newly renovated loft in the city centre is a dream that Justin is lucky enough to have realised. In Lille, this former garage from the 1930s has been transformed into a home. Arranged on two levels, the loft is very recessed. The sun comes in at the top of the party walls in the courtyard but does not enter the large living room on the ground floor. How do you illuminate a loft in an urban area? This is the challenge that Justin entrusted to Espaciel. In this article, discover this ambitious and original project.

Project sheet:

  • Project : Illuminate a loft in the city centre
  • City : Lille (France)
  • Client : Justin
  • Espaciel model installed : Solar Patio Reflector
  • Installer : 2boys1tournevis company

Context of the situation

Arranged over two levels, the justin loft is L-shaped and encloses a private inner courtyard with a large terrace. This outdoor space has made it possible to create large glazed openings that provide natural lighting for the dwelling. However, the sun does not shine on the windows, which face north. How do you illuminate a loft in this particular context?

reflections of the sun in a street in the centre of Lille
The brick buildings and cobbled streets typical of Lille – Photo by Alexandre Van Thuan

Located in an urban area, the inner courtyard is hidden from the sun by the neighbouring buildings. The sun only reaches the top of the party walls. Hence the idea of placing light reflectors in this area to illuminate the loft. Justin imagined this project by consulting the Espaciel website where he discovered the Solar Patio Reflector.

Searching for a solution

After his initial research on the Internet, Justin contacted Espaciel by email to ask for advice on the number and placement of Solar Patio Reflectors. The challenge was to illuminate his loft with the sun’s rays.

Within the team, it is Thomas who provides him with all the useful elements as well as a schematic diagram and a personalised quote for 4 Solar-Patio Reflectors. The Patio Support option is also proposed to Justin. This special base allows the reflectors to be oriented independently of the wall. It also allows the Solar Patio Reflectors to be raised to capture maximum sunlight.

four curved reflectors reflect the sun in a loft against the city
4 Solar Patio Reflectors each placed at a different angle – Photo by Espaciel

Justin decides to place an order and to entrust the installation of the Reflectors to his trusted craftsman. Baptiste and César from the company 2boys1tournevis are in charge of assembling and installing the Espaciel reflectors on the site.

How the Solar Patio Reflector works

This product allows the sun to enter homes with interior courtyards.

The Solar Patio Reflector functions differently from the other products in the Espaciel range. Its surface is not flat. It is not positioned flat under the sky to capture the ambient light.

The Solar Patio Reflector is placed vertically to receive the sun’s rays. Its curved surface reflects the sun as a ribbon of light that illuminates everything in its path.

principle diagrams of solar mapping according to the position of the sun in the sky
Principle of solar mapping according to the position of the sun in the sky – Scheme by Espaciel

This solar effect, which is comparable to “mapping video”, offers many advantages. It attenuates the intensity of the sun, thus avoiding the risk of glare. It distributes the sun over a long distance. This makes it possible to illuminate the entire available space, both on the terrace and in the home. It is a suitable solution for illuminating a loft.

The ribbon of light produced by each Solar Patio Reflector rotates at the same rate as the sun in the sky. Hence the interest in placing several Solar Patio Reflectors (side by side or one above the other) to juxtapose the light ribbons and create a solar sweep effect. This sweeping effect creates continuity of solar illumination so that a large area can be illuminated over a long period of time.

Implementation of the solution

The sun source to be exploited is 6m high. Hence the need for an installation company to ensure the placement of the 4 Solar Patio Reflectors.

installation of Solar Patio Reflectors above the loft terrace
A worker from 2boys1tournevis adjusts the orientation of a Patio Reflector – Photo by Espaciel

Justin chose to call in Baptiste and César from the Lille company 2boys1tournevis. These two workers carried out the assembly and installation work in half a day. They are equipped with a large ladder, a safety harness, chemical anchors and a cordless drill.

Results obtained

As soon as the Espaciel reflectors were installed, Justin could see their effect. He was impressed by the long ribbon of light produced by each of them. The sunlight now travels across the terrace and into the living room. Each reflector takes over from the other to ensure that the sunlight is always on. The effect continues for several hours despite the movement of the sun in the sky. The presence of this warm and lively light brings a lot of well-being. This is a considerable plus for Justin’s Loft.

the solar ribbon produced by the Curved Reflector crosses the terrace and enters the loft
The ribbon of light produced by the Reflectors goes deep into Justin’s loft – Photo by Espaciel

For Justin, the lack of sunlight was the only thing missing from his home. This has now been remedied. The loft is now sunny for several hours a day. Illuminating a loft in an urban area is now possible with the help of Solar Patio Reflectors.

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