Balcony in a cap: How to bring more natural light into your home? – Testimony of Françoise at Nogent sur Marne

Living in a flat with a balcony can be extremely pleasant, in particular enabling you to enjoy the fine weather without having to leave your home. But very often, the balconies are stacked one above the other from floor to floor, with each balcony acting like a sunshade, casting a shadow on the one below. This means that lower level flats often receive very little natural light and the rooms are frequently dark. This is the first-hand account of Françoise L., an Espaciel customer from Nogent sur Marne who found herself in precisely this situation, and who explains how the reflectors installed on her guardrail changed her life!


Background on Françoise

Why did you decide to equip yourself with Espaciel reflectors?

I have been living for two years in a south-facing apartment overlooking a large park with trees. My apartment is spacious, it is located on the 2nd floor of a luxury residence of the 80s.

The living room and dining room open onto a large balcony running the entire length of the façade. My upstairs neighbours have the same type of balcony and this one prevents sunlight from entering my apartment… I didn’t realise this lack of brightness when I visited the apartment and it quickly became a problem for me after I moved in.

Indeed, these balconies act like a cap: a large part of the natural light and sun rays are stopped by the upper floor, some of them arrive just behind my railing but never in my inner room. In addition, the trees in the park in front of my balcony also block out the light.

How did you find out about Espaciel?

It is this lack of sunshine in my home that led me to look for a solution on the Internet. I then discovered Espaciel by internet, the only company to offer an efficient system, ready to install. It corresponded to my expectations and my budget, so I decided to equip my whole balcony.



Installation and result of Espaciel reflectors

Can you describe your installation and how it works?

My balcony is 9 metres long and 2.40 metres deep: I chose to install light reflectors all over the railing. This way, the reflectors are under the sky: they capture the light and redirect it from my balcony to the inside of my apartment.

When it’s grey, you can see a gain in brightness throughout the room. And when it’s sunny, the effect is impressive! In any case it changes the atmosphere, and no more cap effect from the balcony above!


How was the assembly of your products?

I’m not much of a handyman and didn’t know if I was going to be able to fix my balcony reflectors. So I contacted Espaciel and Alexi advised me to use a Jobber via Frizbiz, a collaborative platform of which Espaciel is a partner. I explained my request on their site and quickly, Marco, a craftsman from the Paris area contacted me to do the installation.

We set a date and he came to my house to install my reflectors! When I saw him do it, I realized that the system for attaching them to the railing was very simple. I could even have done it myself, however I was very pleased with Marco’s performance who installed my 12 reflectors in one short morning! I just had to tilt them as I wanted and immediately the cap effect of the balcony was compensated.

lumiere naturelle-installation-frizbiz-professionnels-en-charge-du-reflecteur-espaciel-pour-une-pose-du-produit

Today what are the contributions of Espaciel reflectors?

It brings 100% cheerfulness to my apartment! I’m often at home and before I met Espaciel I couldn’t imagine living without daylight. Without these reflectors, I would have surely looked for another place to live and moved. These reflectors have changed my life. In the summer it was really frustrating: I could see that there was sun outside but it never entered my house. Today, for example, the weather is nice and I can see the effect of Espaciel products very clearly. I really don’t regret having installed them!

Another point I wanted to make: being exposed to the south, I didn’t want the reflectors to bring me extra heat. My apartment is already very well heated, I didn’t want it to overheat in the summer. Alexi then proposed me the option of specific reflectors, which Espaciel offers on request, equipped with an infrared filter. Thus, the reflectors capture the infrared, the part that heats up in the sun’s rays, and send back to my house only the sunlight, without any heat.

One last positive point to add about the product: the very simple maintenance. I clean them from time to time with a microfiber and a little water and that’s it!


Any last words?

I’d tell anyone with a dark dwelling not to hesitate! If I had to do it again, I would do it again!

In fact, I talk about it to everyone who comes to my house and to everyone in the building. For me a bright house is something very important and when there is a lack of natural light it is necessary to remedy it! Espaciel reflectors are the best compromise I have found: very simple process, no work and no need for the agreement of the co-owners.

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