Balcony layout – 5 tips to enjoy it all year round

Balcony layout: when the weather is nice, the first thing you want to do is enjoy it. But what do you do when you live in an apartment? Investing every square centimetre of your balcony can be a solution. At Espaciel, we think of you. So here are our 5 tips for enjoying your balcony all year round:



Tips to enjoy your balcony all year round!

1. Suspension of your plants

To make your exterior come alive, think about equipping it with plants. A real pleasure for the eyes, to have this natural greenery, which lives and grows on your balcony. Thus, plants can add a touch of freshness to your balcony. And if you don’t have enough space, consider hanging them up. Your plants will get more natural light, rather than being placed on the ground.



2. Opt for corner furniture

To make the most of the space on your balcony, corner furniture is the ideal solution. So choose sofas or benches rather than several chairs that clutter up the space. Plus, you don’t need to store them.



3. Capture natural light

To fit out your balcony, you often need to equip it with furniture or greenery. But these are obstacles to the light entering your home. Thanks to the balcony reflector, you can equip your balustrade to redirect natural light into your interior. It is the perfect alternative for combining outdoor design and indoor natural light. Gain 50% more light in your home now.


Balcony light reflector: from 169,00 €, 179,00 CHF,$199



4. Colour your exterior

For the pleasure of your eyes, remember to make your balcony come alive. Colours are your best friends. Indeed, they act directly on your mood. So with the beautiful days ahead, brighten up your emotions.


For your balconies, we advise you:

  • Orange : Pep’s and retro
  • Red : Passion and seduction
  • Grey : Chic and Modern
  • Green : Fresh and natural

Then to be in harmony with your light reflectors, equip them with Espaciel’s colourful trims!


5. Install functional furniture

Optimize your space. A balcony is ideal when you can make full use of it. Thanks to the well-arranged furniture, you can find a place for everything. Especially the outdoor storage benches are perfect.



Balcony Layout: And here are our 5 tips to enjoy it all year round!



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