How do you bring more light into your basement? Charlotte’s testimony in London

Charlotte is one of our first customers in London. She is a solicitor advocate ans she often works at home in her office situated in the basement. The lack of luminosity is very common in basements and Charlotte was searching about a solution to brighten her home office. We are very glad to share with you her feedback about her experience with the light reflectors she bought a couple months ago.

Background on Charlotte’s situation

Can you show us your house?


I live on the outskirts of London and often work from home. We have set up my office in the basement, a very functional space that had previously been unused… However, the lack of light has always been a problem. The room has two small windows at floor level that allow an opening to the outside. During the day, light reaches these windows but not the sun. There is never any daylight or sunlight entering the basement.


Have you thought about other ways to light this basement?

The only solution I had given much thought to was to move. It was not possible to do any work. Since it is a basement, there is no other solution to open it to the outside: we could neither enlarge the existing windows nor add new ones. I had to constantly turn on the lights at all hours of the day. Working only with artificial lighting is really not pleasant. I had started looking for a new place for my office.


Contact Espaciel

How did you find Espaciel?

For some time, I had been looking for a solution to bring more light into my basement, and during a search on the internet, I discovered the Espaciel website. I had absolutely no idea about this concept and I found the product very interesting. However, I was a little skeptical about the effect I was expecting because of the height of my windows. I didn’t know if it was going to be enough to have a noticeable effect.

How did the order and installation go?

When I was on the Espaciel website, I asked a few questions and asked Jeremiah, a lighting consultant, for advice on chatting. I explained to him the configuration of my basement and I sent him pictures so that he could get a perfect idea of my situation. He recommended the exterior reflector to get the best result. Since my windows are about 70cm wide, I chose to order two 60cm exterior reflectors.

Once I received my two reflectors, we installed them. It was quite simple. We fixed them on the wall outside, just below the grid, as Jeremiah had suggested.

From Espaciel’s advice to the reception of the products at my home, everything went perfectly. The service is excellent. Everything is simple and clear to order the product on the online shop. The Espaciel team is always available to answer your questions. It’s very reassuring.



The result with Espaciel reflectors

And now that the light reflectors are installed, how do you feel?

I didn’t think I’d see an instant result in my basement and yet that’s what happened! The light reflectors really make a difference. Our workspace isn’t so dark and sad anymore! Espaciel reflectors work on sunny days but also when the weather is grey or rainy. We can see the result daily.


It’s a good, innovative product. Of course, it can only reflect the available light: the more light outside, the more light will be reflected inside the room. We are really happy with the increase in light we have in our office. Now we can work in the basement in a bright atmosphere.

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