How to install its Light Reflector? Testimony of Damien in Paris

Damien B. lives in a Parisian apartment overlooking a narrow street. Like many apartments of this type, it was dark because it didn’t get any sun. The Espaciel light reflector was the only solution to brighten his living room by bringing more natural light into his home. Review of his experience and the installation of his reflector by a Frizbiz jobber…

Damien’s situation

Presentation of the accommodation

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Damien lives in Paris, he lives in an apartment on the first floor overlooking a narrow street. His living room was very dark since the sun doesn’t reach his house. A large part of the outside light being blocked by high buildings, his window only receives diffuse light, which does not enter his home well. “I spend time at home and by November, the constant lack of light is depressing! ».

Because the days are much shorter in autumn and the weather is often grey, the human body is more prone to seasonal depression, even if only temporary. Damien was happy to discover on the internet the Espaciel reflector to take advantage of more natural light at home, rain or shine.

Contact Espaciel

Damien contacted us because he hesitated between a balcony light reflector and an outdoor light reflector. He wanted to position his reflector slightly above his railing, not on it. He needed an exterior reflector to be fixed on his window frame with its adjustable bar. Damien measured the width of his window from wall to wall: 94 cm. So he bought on our online shop an external reflector 80 cm x 25 cm, with its bar which can be spread out up to 30 cm more, i.e. 110 cm.


Installation : why did Damien use a Frizbiz jobber?

No matter which mounting is chosen, the light reflector is simple to attach. Step-by-step instructions are supplied with each product, and we are available to advise our customers by email or telephone if they have any questions. Many customers install it themselves as it does not require a high level of DIY.

However, many of our customers, who are not handymen at all, do not have the time or wish to call upon a professional to ensure that their installation is optimal. In this case, we advise them to use the services of our partner Frizbiz: an online collaborative platform that promotes the exchange of services between individuals and professionals.


This was the case for Damien, who wanted to make sure that his light reflector was well fixed.

After posting his ad on Frizbiz indicating his need, availability and budget, Damien received several job offers. He chose Marco D.O., a Frizbiz jobber, who had some very good opinions left on the site by other members of the community and who offered him to carry out the installation for €90.00.


Light reflector installation in 4 steps

Once his light reflector was received by the post office, Damien contacted Marco to agree on the day and time.

Marco came with the necessary equipment and completed the installation in less than half an hour. As Damien lives on the 1st floor, Marco added screws to make the installation secure.

Here are the 4 steps to follow to install an exterior reflector :

1. Spread the adjustable bar until the two end caps rest against the wall. To hold the bar in position: increase the pressure by tightening the adjusting screw.


2. Attach the light reflector to the adjustable bar.


3. Optional for apartments on the upper floors: screw the fixings to the wall with screws adapted to the material (brick, stone, concrete…) This ensures a good security of the fixing over time.


4. Remove the protective film and tilt the light reflector towards the inside of the room. That’s it! Daylight enters your home and you can enjoy it whether the sun is shining or not.


The result

Return of Damien, Espaciel customer

Damien contacted us shortly afterwards to tell us that he was very satisfied with his reflector. When he removed the protective film from the reflective surface, the effect was really visible: “The ceiling in my apartment is much brighter, the room is brighter!”

He was also happy to have gone through Frizbiz for the installation. “It’s a very handy service when you’re not a handyman or don’t have the time.”

Damien talked about his Espaciel & Frizbiz experience around him. He hopes that his neighbours will equip themselves so that they too can have more light in their homes!

Return of Marco, Jobber Frizbiz

We contacted Marco to get him back as well. He found that installing an Espaciel reflector is quick and easy. He was interested in doing other installations in the Paris area.



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    Thanks to Damien and Marco for sharing their experience on the installation of the Espaciel reflector.

    Do you have a lack of natural light in your home? Contact us and the Espaciel team will gladly provide you with personalized advice. Write to us at


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