How can you make your living room brighter despite the balcony above?

Gabrielle lives in a ground floor apartment in a 1960s residence in Bourg la Reine. Her living room is connected to the garden by a balcony above which is repeated on each floor of the building. The presence of the balcony above creates a cap effect. Gabrielle found her apartment dark. She installed Espaciel Reflectors.

Discover how Gabrielle made her stay in the garden pleasant and bright, naturally despite the shadow of the upstairs neighbour’s balcony.

gabrielle sur sa terrasse le balcon du dessus bloque l'entrée de la lumière dans son intérieur
  • Owner : Gabrielle
  • Type of accommodation : Apartment on garden level
  • City : Bourg la Reine (Ile-de-France)
  • Opening : French windows
  • Rooms : Living room
  • Espaciel model installed : Balcony Reflector et le Garden Reflector


résidence de gabrielle, son séjour est sombre à cause du balcon du dessus
Gabrielle’s residence

Gabrielle’s living room has a large bay window overlooking her balcony and garden below. This long room was dark for 3 reasons:

  • Its western orientation
  • The trees in the garden that filter the sun’s rays
  • The cap effect of the upper balcony

By chance, she discovers Espaciel while watching M6’s TV news  (find the video of the show here). She immediately tells herself that it is the ideal solution to improve her comfort and make her stay in the garden level more pleasant. So she goes to the Espaciel online shop. She orders two Balcony Reflectors 35x80cm to be installed on the balustrade of her balcony to redirect light from the sky. Gabrielle completes her installation with a Garden Reflector 50x100cm to capture the beautiful sun rays that illuminate the bottom of her plot.

réflecteur balcon clipsé à la balustrade permettant de capter la lumière du ciel et la rediriger dans son intérieur pour illuminer son séjour
Balcony Reflector installed on the balcony railing
Video of the effect of the Balcony Reflector in sky light


Diagram of the operation of the Balcony Reflectors and the Garden Reflector

A few days after her order, Gabrielle receives her Espaciel Reflectors. After installation, she immediately notices the gain in natural luminosity in her interior. “Today, my living room is brighter and much more pleasant! »


Gabrielle wanted to have her Espaciel Reflectors installed. So she called upon Espaciel’s Installation Service. Martin, prepared and trained by Espaciel, went to Gabrielle’s home to install the Balcony and Garden Reflectors. Martin tested the products with Gabrielle in order to find together the best adjustment and obtain a great effect.

service installation espaciel pour poser les réflecteurs de lumière
Martin, the Espaciel installer, after installing the Espaciel Reflectors


apport en lumière dans son intérieur malgré le balcon du dessus avec le réflecteur elle éclaire incroyablement son séjour
Skylight effect of the Balcony Reflector

Gabrielle noticed a significant gain in natural light in her living room. The effect obtained in sky light is very pleasant! She would almost forget the cap effect of the balcony above. When the Garden Reflector also redirects the sun’s rays, the effect is incredible! The Light Reflectors contribute to her well-being and that of her companion every day. Gabrielle is won over by the efficiency of the Espaciel Reflectors. She has the impression that she is rediscovering her stay and now feels more pleasure in spending time there.

Video of the effect of the Garden Reflector on sunny days

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