Daylighting a historic building: How to illuminate a listed building without work ?

Daylighting a historic building seems a far cry from home automation. The launch of the Intelligent Reflector gives us the opportunity to bring these two approaches together. In this article, discover our collaboration with Mathieu Carlier, author of the Home Automation Blog.

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The Espaciel Window Reflector can even be adapted to the windows of listed buildings to ensure natural lighting in a historic building – Photo Blog Domotique

Project sheet :

Owner : Mathieu
Housing type : Classified apartment – Historical place
City : Lyon (69)
Openings : Window on the first floor
Room to light : Living room
Espaciel model installed : Window reflector


Mathieu lives in Lyon. He has been living in a classified apartment for a few years. He is sensitive to natural light, which is lacking in certain rooms. Natural lighting in a historic building is not a simple subject to deal with. The modifications of the existing building are difficult to do both to obtain the authorization and to carry out the work.

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When you think of daylighting for a historical building and light reflector, the first thing that comes to mind is the Hall of Mirrors at the Château de Versailles… Don’t you? – Photo from the Château de Versailles website

Passionate about his favorite subjects: decoration, home automation, connected objects, design and the latest trends, Mathieu Carlier is also the author of the Home Automation Blog. We contacted him for the launch of the Espaciel Intelligent Reflector.

To learn more, check out the pre-sales page on the Indiegogo site :

Mathieu is excited to test the Light Reflector for his interior. He is also aware that its application for daylighting a historic building is not an easy task.


Still at the prototype stage at the time of our collaboration with the Home Automation Blog, the Intelligent Reflector was not yet available for testing in Lyon. After consulting the Espaciel website and talking to the team, Mathieu chose to test the Window Reflector. It can be installed without tools and does not require drilling when mounted on the first floor. A great asset for the natural lighting of a historic building.

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The Espaciel Window Reflector being installed. It is installed with an extensible bar suspended by tension between the window walls (without drilling on the first floor) – Photo le Blog Domotique


In a few minutes, the Espaciel Window Reflector is installed! Mathieu then looked for the best angle to reflect a maximum of natural light in his home.

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Window Reflector Operating Diagram – Espaciel Diagram

Mathieu is convinced of the result by noting the luminous effect brought by the Espaciel reflector. He is also satisfied with the installation which was made without work and without modification of frontage. On the home automation blog, Mathieu retraces all the steps of his collaboration with Espaciel, from the discovery of the Intelligent Reflector to the in-situ test of the Window Reflector.

Discover the Espaciel news and the product test made by Mathieu on the Home Automation Blog :

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Daylighting effect of the Window Reflector. A solution adapted to the natural lighting of a historical building – Photo le Blog Domotique

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