Espaciel puts its know-how at the service of professionals

In this article, discover how professionals: artists, architects, engineers, and contractors benefit from the experience gained from more than 4,000 installations in 24 countries.


Natural light is a central concern for building occupants. It is even the primary comfort criterion for people working in an office.

Recent studies show that well-being in the workplace translates into productivity gains. Planners, designers and builders are therefore faced with increasingly demanding demands on the quality of daylighting. Efficient and simple to implement, light reflectors are a new element in the range of daylighting solutions. Here are several examples of collaboration with professionals on a wide variety of issues.



At the service of architects…

A project the “Astronomer” site of the architect Frédéric Bernard.
Transforming an old factory into housing
is an architectural challenge. Frédéric Bernard put all his talent into a conversion of this type, in Arcueil, a town in the inner suburbs of Paris. The site was enclosed and badly oriented, and presented many constraints.

To requalify it, the architect implemented three structural elements for the well-being of the future occupants. The insertion of a garden and circulation in the courtyard of the building. The colouring of the window surrounds and the addition of light reflectors on each opening on the ground floor. Made to measure according to the architect’s design, 13 Espaciel reflectors enlarge the field of vision and redirect the natural luminosity inside the dwellings.

At the service of artists…

A project for “Exo”, a work by the artist Félicie D’Estienne d’Orves.

For Nuit Blanche 2015 in Paris, visual artist Félicie D’Estienne d’Orves points to the stars with immense laser beams. A sound device by Julie Rousse then gives the impression of listening live to the sound of celestial objects in space. For this ambitious wager, some of the most powerful scenography lasers in the world were used. But how to redirect and direct a 40 Amp laser flux reliably and safely in the middle of the audience.

This is where Espaciel intervened to design and manufacture 6 custom-made reflectors. Placed on digital liras, Espaciel reflectors propelled the laser beam into space for the pleasure of the public throughout the night.



At the service of engineers…

A project for Brouae, Gérôme Forthomme’s office.

The competition for exemplary buildings in the Brussels-Capital Region is the preferred testing ground for green building technologies in Belgium. Gérôme Forthomme, the head of the architectural and engineering firm Brouae, was in charge of building one of these pilot projects, the youth centre of Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode. In order to reconcile the requirements of the liabilities (PHPP thermal calculations) and the need for natural light, he commissioned Espaciel to create a completely new system.

A set of 52 reflectors cover the south façade of the building. Placed in front of the bay windows, they resemble sun-breaking louvers. On closer inspection, the surfaces are mirrored. In front of the spandrels they reflect the sun’s rays into the sky. At the level of the glazing, they have a screening effect and redirect the luminosity inside the rooms. Each louvre has a specific inclination to channel the beam of natural light above the occupants, thus avoiding the risk of glare. The infrared treatment of the surfaces captures the heat gains outside the building. A clever way to protect against summer overheating.

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