Espaciel: The 11 most frequently asked questions – FAQs

Espaciel : The 11 most frequently asked questions – FAQs

Espaciel’s Light Consultancy team is composed of Manon, Alexi, Sarah, and Jérémie. Every day, we respond to many requests. You will find in this article the 11 most frequent questions and answers. Do you have a question? Find the answer in seconds with our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

Following the launch of our online FAQ, this article was updated on 18/12/2017.


1. « What are the differences between the Espaciel reflector and a mirror? »

Although it looks like a mirror, it isn’t. Far from it. Absolutely unbreakable, the Espaciel reflector contains no glass, only aluminum, polymers & ceramics. Its shock resistance allows you to install it outside in total safety, even for example on the 2nd floor, on a window overlooking a busy street… Concretely, if a flowerpot, or a hailstone, falls on your reflector, it cannot break.

The Espaciel reflector is a unique product in the world. It combines a super high-tech material + a clever window fixing kit. The development of the light reflector has taken several years and has been the subject of several international patents.

It is 5x lighter than a mirror, 30% more reflective. Its clever fixings allow you to install it in your home in a few minutes, without any work.

The video below shows you the differences between a mirror and the Espaciel reflector :

To go further, discover the article the light reflector is not a mirror.

2. « I never get the sun… will it work at home? »

The light reflector is made to operate without sunlight. Surprising, isn’t it?

Actually, it works with the brightness of the sky. Even in gray weather, the sky is 20x brighter than our lighting needs. To be precise, a gray sky provides between 1000 and 2000 lux, while 100 to 200 lux is enough to feel at home. The Espaciel reflector enhances this potential every day. If there is a ray of sunshine coming onto the Espaciel reflector, it is a plus, but it is not necessary for its operation.

In fact, almost 80% of our customers never get the sun at home and are happy with their purchase. They are in the North, on the ground floor or on the inner courtyard…


Here are some configurations where our customers install their Espaciel reflector

When it rains and when the weather is nice, the Espaciel reflector works and amplifies the entry of light into your home through your window or patio door glass. On average, the gain in natural light is +50%. This gain can change throughout the day. Some of our customers even tell us that the effect is more visible on rainy days than on sunny days!

For customers whose homes are very dark, it is even possible to gain +400% to +500% brightness at home!

3. «Why is it more expensive than a mirror?»

As stated in question 1, the light reflector is not a simple mirror but a high-tech product, developed to provide you with perfectly pure natural light in total safety. In addition, it is supplied with an anti-glare kit that ensures optimal visual comfort.

Moreover, it is designed to last more than 10 years in outdoor conditions: in rain, snow, wind… and to keep all its reflective properties.

Amortization of your purchase

If you take the 80cm x 35cm balcony reflector, one of the models you sell the most. It costs 249.00 € with delivery (259.00 CHF / $299.00). Spread over a minimum of 10 years of use, it costs less than € 25.00 per year (CHF 26.00 / $30.00)! A relatively affordable price to have every day more natural light at home, more well-being and more vitality.

4. « Should I take the 25cm or 35cm width for my reflector? Or even 50cm for my bay window? »

The brightness gain of the Espaciel reflector is proportional to the reflective surface. Therefore, the larger the surface, the greater the effect in your home.

Choosing a width of 35cm for its balcony or window reflector brings +40% more light into your home, compared to the same model with a width of 25cm. This luminosity is wider, better distributed in your room.


Calculation details
Reflector 80cmx 25cm = 2000 cm2
Reflector 80cm x 35cm = 2800cm2, i.e +40% surface area.

5. « Do I have to ask permission from my condo? » 

This is a question that often comes up for our clients who live in apartments. The Espaciel reflector is usually well accepted in condominiums for 3 reasons:

1/ First of all, it is very thin and discreet: its reflective surface is less than 3mm thick (almost as thin as a DVD!).

2/ In addition, it reflects the brightness of the sky and the surrounding colours. Thus, it blends into your environment.

3/ It is installed in your private space: for example on the inside of your railing or just in front of your window. It hardly protrudes from the stone window sill so that it is almost invisible from the bottom of the courtyard, or the street.


6. « I live on a busy street, is there a risk of someone stealing it from me? » 

With nearly 4000 Espaciel installations to date, we have not had any theft cases reported by our customers. But it is a perfectly legitimate request to which we bring you an anti-theft solution, whatever the model of reflector, for an amount of 30.00 € / 35.00 CHF / $45.00 per reflector.

For the window reflector :  First of all, be aware that you can add screws to the mounting bar yourself to securely attach your product to your home. The anti-theft kit we provide includes 2 special screws + a specific screwdriver. This type of screw has a very different tip from the usual screws: it cannot be screwed with a Phillips or straight screwdriver. Without the screwdriver supplied with, nobody can take your products.


For the balcony reflector :  The anti-theft kit consists of a wire rope + padlock. This discreet and resistant wire passes through the structure of your reflector and is attached to a nearby element: your balustrade, a shutter… It closes with a small padlock, to which you are the only one to have the key.


7. « Which size of window reflector should I choose? And how far does the bar spread? »

The length of the window reflector (60 cm / 80 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm), refers to the length of the reflecting surface. The adjustable bar, on which the surface is clipped, is installed in front of your window. It rests on the wall thickness, to the left and right of your window. It deviates from +5cm to +45cm in relation to the length of the reflector. And the thickness of the bracket is 6cm: so if the thickness of your wall is 6cm or more, the window reflector is easy to install.


The 80cm x 35cm reflector has an adjustable bar that can be installed from 85cm to 125cm. If you have this length in front of your window, this model fits perfectly.
On the other hand, if you only have 81cm or 83cm from wall to wall, it is better to choose a 60cm x 35cm reflector.

8. « The Satisfied or Refund offer, how does it work? » 

This is THE solution to make you 100% satisfied with your Espaciel purchase! All light reflectors purchased online on the Espaciel online store, benefit from the 30 Days Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee, from the date of receipt of the package at your home.

Once your reflector is unpacked and installed in your home, if it does not suit you, for whatever reason, simply let us know by email within this time frame. We also ask you to attach a few photos to help us understand why the gain is not satisfactory, and thus improve the advice we give to our customers.

If you live in France: you will receive a prepaid return label to stick on your cardboard box. As soon as we receive your product, we will reimburse you the total amount, minus the return costs of 20.00 € / product.

If you live outside France: the return of your order is at your expense: upon receipt of the package, we will refund the total amount paid.

9. « Is it easy to assemble? Or can someone come and install it for me? »

We have designed the Espaciel reflector to be quick & easy to install, whatever the mounting system. It is supplied with an assembly manual. Its installation is within everyone’s reach and does not require any DIY skills.

If you want someone to install it for you, it is perfectly possible (in France only). All you have to do is add this service to your shopping cart when you order. The cost is €90.00 for 1 reflector, then €30.00 for each additional reflector. Once your Espaciel reflectors have been delivered, an installer trained by us will come to your home to fix your products. Simple, fast and efficient!


This service is often ordered by our customers who purchase wall reflectors, or window reflectors and live on the 1st floor, or on the upper floors. Why is this? Because it involves drilling the wall and adding screws to make the fixing reliable over time. The installer comes with his drill and suitable screws to carry out your installation. All other Espaciel reflector models are drill-free, no matter what floor you live on.


10. « I have roller shutters / wooden shutters / blinds, is it possible to install a reflector? »

Yes! We have solutions for all types of shutters.

Roller shutter : the window reflector is installed in front of the rail of your roller shutter. All you need is 6cm of wall thickness for the mounting brackets to rest firmly on your wall.


Wooden shutter : Simply install it between your window and your shutters. There is just one more natural gesture: at night, you fold the reflector vertically and then your shutters. And in the morning, you open your shutters, then tilt your reflector to the horizontal. That’s it!


Louvered shutters: in the Paris region, many apartments are equipped with metal louvered shutters, which unfold like an accordion. If this is your case and you have a guardrail or railing, we recommend the balcony reflector. This allows you to tilt it vertically when you wish to manipulate your shutters.


If you do not have a railing, the window reflector is suitable with a specific kit. We add longer mounting brackets, which allow you to support the bar behind your shutters, on your wall. You can then manipulate your shutters, independently of your light reflector, you can find it on the online shop for 20,00€.

11. « Can I install my reflector on its side, vertically? »

It is possible to install a reflector on the side of your window or patio door. Its operation in a vertical position is complementary to the horizontal installation.


Vertical installation : if the sun reaches the level of your openings, this installation should be considered. The reflector captures the sun rays that arrive within the thickness of the wall. It redirects them deep into your home. If the sun does not reach your windows, or on bad weather days, the gain in luminosity in the room is low.

Recommended product: wall-mounted reflector, the fixing kit supplied allows you to screw it in vertically.

Horizontal installation : in this configuration the reflector works with sky light. You gain more light in your home, every day, even on rainy days. And if, in addition, you are lucky enough to have the sun coming onto the reflector from time to time, the sun’s rays enter your interior, on the ceiling. That’s what we at Espaciel call “the wow effect!”

Recommended products: all the reflectors in the Espaciel shop are made to work horizontally.

Discover our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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