Espaciel’s Favourite: Wi-System, sharing the world, not the waves!

Espaciel’s Favourite: Wi-System, sharing the world, not the waves!

In the Espaciel blog, we’ve included a section on our favourites to highlight the initiatives that have marked the team. In this article the Espaciel “coup de coeur” goes to Frédéric Cadet, designer and partner at Wi-System.


The wifi

Wifi brings an incredible freedom of communication. By facilitating access to the Internet, this technology allows us to take a new step in the digital revolution.

Wifi is as important for the Internet as the combustion engine is for cars and the road network. This comparison with the second industrial revolution is not gratuitous. It helps us understand that the transformation underway is not without consequences for the environment. The generalisation of Wifi causes a proliferation of waves which has an impact on health.

Faced with this observation, designer Frédéric Cadet is a pioneer at the forefront of the search for solutions. With his agency Ecodesign, he designs the layout of a hotel with low intensity Wifi transmitters. Equipping each room and directly integrated into the wooden furniture, these modules are activated or switched off on demand. This is how the Wi-System concept was born.

Frédéric Cadet has imagined wooden Wifi boxes for local use that do not create a nuisance for the neighbourhood.


Model after model, prototype after prototype, the project is now a company. Wi-system realizes a first series of Wifi boxes commercialized in pre-sale on the indiegogo crowdfunding platform, until January 4th, 2017. The challenge is simple: share the world, not the waves.


A great initiative in which each one of you can participate on Indiegogo

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