French Tech Christmas: 5 wellness gifts from French Startups

Christmas is fast approaching and you don’t know what to give your loved ones?

Look no further, we have a solution! And made in France too. Created in 2014, the French Tech Christmas is a collective of 200 French Start-ups that brings together innovative gift ideas to put under the tree. Please your friends and family with clever gifts while highlighting the know-how of French startups. We have selected for you: 5 ideal wellness gifts to please and indulge yourself!

  • AromaCare : Connected essential oil diffuser

Essential oils influence our mood, so to stay in top shape all day long, discover AromaCare. Program your session with your smartphone, choose the capsule of your choice: Sleep – Tonic – Breathe – Memory – Zen – Pollen and Purifying and let’s go! Making your home a relaxing haven has never been easier.


Price : 99,00 

  • Lilo : Indoor kitchen garden

Want to grow flowers at home and have fresh herbs ready to cook all year round?

Lilo’s here for you. It is a connected indoor vegetable garden. Lilo takes care of everything: water, light and nutrients. All you have to do is plant and wait wisely for your plants to grow. It’s time to grow your own flowers. And you can also grow aromatic herbs: basil, coriander… you can make your own homemade dishes!


Price : 99,95 €

  • Aube : Air purifier without filter

This year say goodbye to allergens, pollutants and bacteria thanks to Aube, the silent air purifier. Improve your living comfort and breathe clean air at home now for you and your friends. To be recommended to allergic and asthmatic people.


Price : 199,00 €

  • Eugène : Connected box to sort and consume better

Would you like to sort your waste better? Thanks to the Eugene box it’s easy! You scan the barcode of your products, and Eugene shows you the sorting instructions. Once this step is done, receive via the application discounts on your favorite products! Thanks to Eugene you can also add your scanned products on your next shopping lists, so you don’t forget them. Clever! Becoming a player in the environment while consuming better is Eugene’s promise kept. A new and innovative healthy lifestyle is opening up for you.


Price : 99,00 €

  • Espaciel : Daylight reflector for your home

Natural light is an essential requirement for well-being and vitality. This need is even more present in winter, when the days are short. Espaciel allows everyone to enjoy a maximum of natural light thanks to the Light Reflector. Placed outdoors under the sky, the surface of the Espaciel Reflector captures daylight to redirect it deep into your home. Gain an average of +50% more light in your home, without doing any work! As simple to install as a blind, you get more light as if your window or patio door were larger. This is the solution to enjoy a naturally luminous winter.


Price : 159,00 €


This year highlight the originality, well-being and comfort of life in your gifts thanks to these 5 wellness ideas from French Startup selected for the French Tech Christmas. Find AromaCare, Lilo, Aube, Eugène, Espaciel and many more by clicking here : French Tech ChristmasDiscover our 5 tips to spend a winter in great shape!

    Do you have a dark room and want to increase its natural light? Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with personal advice:

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