Happy New Year 2021 and Espaciel news

Dear friends, dear customers,

On behalf of all the Espaciel team, I wish you a beautiful and bright year 2021. Aline, Marine, Hadrien, Théau, Thomas and I send you our best wishes: excellent health and a return to a more serene life without health restrictions.

Let’s make the planet great again!

On the good news front, 2021 gets rid of a character as monstrous as he is cumbersome. The former president of the United States has packed his bags. Let’s hope that his departure will allow environmental initiatives to take off.

Natural light is a source of essential benefits for well-being, health and morale – Photo Jametlene Reskp

As Wuhan confines itself to November 2019, we have waited so long to take the measure of events. The world is changing, the United States is no longer the center. We must get used to looking further east to anticipate its developments. This is the main lesson I draw from 2020.

As Europeans, we must be more attentive, more responsible and more autonomous. It is in this context that innovation, industry and made-in-France are returning to the forefront of national concerns. In 2021, how can we fully take up the challenges of this salutary refocusing?

Laser cutting workshop, a technology used to cut the support parts for Espaciel reflectors – Photo Clayton Cardinalli

Espaciel is committed to the next world

The objective is simple. Our generation must develop economic activities that are not destructive to the environment:

  • They must be healthier and more efficient and supplant those that are harmful.
  • They must be present in our territories to offer jobs to our children.

In short, our job is to imagine the solutions of the next world to create the jobs of tomorrow. So let’s get to work! 2021 is just around the corner. 🙂

Inventing a world based on ecological technologies is a unique opportunity to create new jobs for new generations of workers – Photo Michal Vrba

With its light reflectors, Espaciel brings a new, useful and ecological service. But that’s not all! Their assembly is carried out locally by people with disabilities. Their packaging and shipping is ensured by workers in integration. Their manufacture uses recycled and recyclable materials.

Espaciel is constantly innovating with its partners to enrich its range of solutions. From the center of help through work, to the great engineering school, through the industrial SMEs, it is a whole territory that Espaciel highlights. We promote its assets and talents for a noble cause: making light accessible to all!

New step for the manufacture of Espaciel reflectors

It’s with a lot of emotion that Espaciel changes its workshop. After 5 years with a group of animators and disabled adults, Espaciel joins a new workshop to realize the assembly of its products.

Made necessary by a reorganization of our partner, this evolution will allow us to professionalize our manufacturing. This work will remain a source of activity for disabled workers, but with a lighter level of disability. We are moving from a SAPAH system to an ESAT, still in the Lille area.

This move of the workshop and this transfer of production coincide with an influx of orders to be delivered following the beautiful media coverage of the end of the year 2020. At first, this change slows down the production. Hence a significant delay in the delivery of orders in progress. I would like to apologize to the customers concerned and thank them for their patience. In a second time this new organization will allow to accelerate the manufacturing and to constitute more important stocks.

My team and I are at your disposal for any information on the follow-up of your Espaciel order.

Logistics workshop for packaging, storage and shipping – Photo Chuttersnap

In 2021 Espaciel continues to innovate for its customers

Providing access to natural light in living spaces is a protean challenge. Pushing the light from the sky a few meters into an apartment, or bringing the sun from the back of the garden are very different issues.

Espaciel’s originality is to bring a coherent answer with a complete range of light reflectors. Each solution can be customized to meet the needs of our customers and their specific applications.

It is in this context that a new product is born: The Intelligent Reflector. It follows the movements of the sun in the sky to illuminate your home, all day long. It’s even better than a southern exposure. It’s an eastern exposure, then a southern exposure, then a western exposure… It’s a bit like having your house follow the sun. Except that here it is the reflector that moves. Which is still easier. 🙂

To learn more about the Intelligent Reflector, you can consult its presentation on the Espaciel website: http://bit.ly/3bS70tw.

If you like this challenge, you can participate. Be among the first to benefit from it! Join the adventure by reserving your Smart Reflector on the Espaciel website or during the Indiegogo campaign next month. To be informed, it’s here.

Nothing like a moment of happiness in the sun. Besides, happiness and sun are often synonymous – Photo Espaciel

Sign up and get a great discount during the Indiegogo campaign: http://bit.ly/3or7NGw. ☀️

Discover the Espaciel Intelligent Reflector on this short video:

Bring the sun into your home all day long with the Intelligent Reflector – Video Espaciel

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