Haussmannian building – How to gain more natural light on the second floor?

François and Ivan want to move to a new apartment in Paris. They find their happiness in a charming Haussmannian building. However, it is located on the second floor on the street. It is cruelly lacking in natural light despite its south-west exposure.

Emblematic of Parisian architecture and lifestyle, Haussmannian buildings constitute a true urban landscape – Photo Constant Loubier

Project sheet:

  • Owner : François and Ivan
  • Type of housing : Haussmannian building
  • City : Paris
  • Openings : Windows with balustrade and folding shutters
  • Room to light : Living rooms
  • Espaciel model installed : Balcony reflector


While looking for an apartment, François and Ivan fell in love with a house in a Haussmannian building in the city center. This place, with its chic and classic architecture, contrasts with the bustle and dynamism of the neighborhood. Comfortable in their new home, François and Ivan appreciate the Parisian lifestyle.

Despite the high and wide French windows, the dwelling remains dark all day because of its location on the second floor on the street.

Between the Haussmannian buildings, the streets form narrow canyons in which the light penetrates with difficulty – Photo Julie Ricard


François and Ivan discover Espaciel while looking for lighting solutions on the internet. They consulted several blogs and then the company’s website, which allowed them to choose the right solution for their configuration.

Highly reflective surface of the Espaciel Light Reflector – Photo Ivan Kricak

The combination of French windows, loggia, balustrade and folding shutters is characteristic of the second floor on the street of a Haussmann building.

Installation of the Balcony Reflector on the French window balustrade of this Haussmannian building – Photo Ivan Kricak

The Balcony Reflector is perfectly adapted to light the living room of François and Ivan. A loggia is a kind of “mini balcony”.

Balcony Reflector Operation – Diagram


After installing the 4 Balcony Reflectors, François and Ivan are happy to share their experience with Espaciel.

Espaciel reflectors have changed our lives by making our interior naturally brighter!

Ivan Kricak
Portrait photo of François and Ivan taken from Ivan’s Instagram account.
To follow him it’s here >>

The condition to move in this Haussmannian building was the installation of Réflecteurs Espaciel. Today, François and Ivan are completely satisfied with their choice.

I recommend Espaciel 100%! The new resolution to naturally gain light when you lack it at home. “

François Bonnat
Before / After the installation of the Espaciel reflector. Luminous effect in the living room of François and Ivan – Photo Ivan Kricak

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