How can you use your terrace to make your interior brighter?

From Paris to Tokyo, flight attendant Magali leads a life at nine hundred an hour. When she’s not in the air, she likes to relax at home with her family. She lives in Paris. Her ground floor apartment has a large private terrace. This configuration is a rare luxury in the heart of the capital, but it has a drawback. The upstairs neighbour’s balcony shades Magali’s windows. She wishes to make her interior brighter because the living room remains dark all day long.

Magali sur sa terrasse entrain de se détendre chez elle
Photo : Artem Beliaikin

Discover how Magali has made its interior brighter with the Terrace Reflector, despite the cap effect of the balcony above.

  • Owner : Magali
  • Type of accommodation : ground floor apartment
  • City : Paris
  • Opening : French windows opening onto a terrace
  • Room : Living room
  • Model Espaciel installed : 2 Terraces Reflector


magali est hôtesse de l'air dans la vie
Photo : Neon Brand

Magali wanted to have a brighter interior. One of her friends told her about the Espaciel Reflector. Magali didn’t know the concept at all, she looked it up on the internet. She had already been looking for ideas to bring light into her interior like putting mirrors and repainting her interior in white. Despite these improvements, Magali was still suffering from having a dark apartment. She even thought about moving. A heartbreak so much she likes to find her apartment between two planes.

intérieur plus lumineux et plus agréable avec un bel apport de lumière avec les réflecteurs de lumière espaciel
Interior of Magali with Terrace Reflectors

The Espaciel Reflectors appeared as the solution to be able to make one’s interior more luminous by gaining daylight.

Magali then continued its discovery of the range on the internet. She uses the Espaciel configurator which helps her to choose the right Light Reflector for her home. Finally, she orders 2 Terrace Reflectors (one for each of the living room window doors) on the online shop with the Installation Service.


rendre son intérieur plus lumineux avec les réflecteurs terrasse posé au sol permettant de faire entrer la lumière du jour
The 2 Espaciel Reflectors put in situation on its terrace

Prior to receiving the products, her husband was skeptical of the Daylight Reflector concept. 2 weeks after her order, Magali receives the Light Reflectors at home. She had them installed the following weekend. As soon as they were installed, Magali, her husband and their son were bluffed: they discovered an immediate gain in light, a brighter interior with a level of efficiency they had not imagined.

Fonctionnement du Réflecteur Terrasse
Operation of the Terrace Reflector in sky light, without sunlight.


intérieur plus lumineux, le séjour est baigné de lumière avec le réflecteur espaciel elle bénéficie de lumière naturelle tous les jours
Photo of the effect, without and with the Espaciel Reflector from Magali’s living room

Today, Magali and her family are delighted. The living room benefits from +50% natural light : it is brighter, without the need to turn on the light continuously.

“The Espaciel Team service is great, I recommend it 100%. The Espaciel Reflectors are the solution to the problems of lack of light! »


If you too are like Magali and your home lacks light for various reasons such as an overhanging balcony that provides shade, call Espaciel and make your home brighter !

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