How do you get daylight and sunshine into your house? – Testimony of Chantal and Jacques at Chalon sur Saône

Chantal and Jacques live in an old farmhouse in Burgundy which they have renovated. They have installed guest rooms adjoining their house. Unlike the previous article where the sun never entered the house (North orientation), their façade is sunny most of the day (South-West orientation). Here’s their testimonial on the installation of two exterior window sill light reflectors to bring daylight into their interior!


Can you show us your house?

Jacques : We renovated this farm about ten years ago. The kitchen and dining room each have a window on one side of the house, on the south-west side. The walls are thick (about 50 cm) and the depth of the rooms must be 7-8 meters, so the background is dark all day long. Around 11.30 a.m. the sun arrives at the windows and stays there all afternoon, but the rays do not penetrate further.

Chantal : I spend several hours in the kitchen to prepare the dishes for the table d’hôtes. I often see the sun and daylight coming in on the fruit basket behind the window, but rarely further away on the worktop.

Did you think about the brightness of this room when you designed it?

Chantal : We have sought to combine the old and the modern in our house. The walls are clear in order to redirect as much light as possible into the rooms, but it’s true that we didn’t know how to bring in more light and bring daylight into our interior.

Jacques : I thought of a system of mirrors to capture the sun that you see at the windows, but I didn’t know how to fix it so that it would hold with the inclination I wanted. And then, it was in danger of breaking… These windows look out over a courtyard which is a place where our visitors in our guest rooms pass through: there are often children and I wanted a totally secure system.




The arrival of Espaciel reflectors

How did you think about the light reflector?

Chantal : Our daughter told us about it. She lives in Brussels and discovered Espaciel at a design fair where Jérémie was speaking. She immediately thought of us. We went to see the website and found that the product could be suitable for our home. On the other hand, we wanted to keep the charm of our home and our guest rooms.

We asked if it was possible to change the colour of the structure so that the reflector would be more consistent with the colour of our window frames and shutters. Jérémie offered us a painting package for 70.00 € (about 76.00 CHF /100.00 CAD$) to repaint them in the color we wanted. We ordered two 80 cm x 25 cm window reflectors: one for the kitchen and one for the dining room to bring daylight into our home.



How was the installation?

Jacques : It’s very easy. It took me less than 30 minutes to install the two reflectors. Adjusting the tilt is simple: just don’t squeeze to the maximum to tilt it by hand and then squeeze a little harder when you have the angle you want.


And now that your light reflector is installed?

Chantal : In the morning before the sun arrives in the axis, the room is lighter which is an advantage for the comfort of our guests who come to have breakfast. When the sun arrives at the end of the morning, it makes a very strong effect and daylight. It feels like a new sunny window in the back of every room! And the colour of the reflector suits what we wanted: it gives a modern touch to our building.

Jacques : Yes indeed, when it was installed, the sky was grey, it was raining and the gain of light was already visible. The sky cleared the next day and we were really surprised at the result.




Any last words?

Chantal :It’s great to be able to brighten up the rooms of an old house like ours. And it’s practical, the reflectors work without you having to do anything: as soon as it’s daylight, it works! For cleaning, my trick is to use white vinegar: it’s simple and cheaper than glass cleaner.

Jacques : It’s a discreet product. It disappears once installed and you only notice it by its effect. It enhances our home. We often have guests in our guest rooms who are interested in it, so we explain the principle to them. I think there are many houses similar to ours, where the light reflector is adapted to improve the natural luminosity.


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