How do you keep natural light all day long with a spinning balcony? – Testimony of Sylvie in Paris

Sylvie lives in an apartment in Paris. The residence has 8 floors, on one side you can see a street and on the other side a green plot with a building in front of it. She wishes to light her stay. With its eastern exposure, she receives the sun only in the morning around 11 am and it disappears 1 hour later, the lack of natural lighting is felt.

Discover how the Solar Balcony Reflector provides natural lighting in your living room.

  • Owner  : Sylvie 
  • Type of accommodation : Apartment
  • Région : Île-de-France (Paris) 
  • Openings : Bay window overlooking a spinning balcony
  • Room : Living room
  • Model Espaciel installed : Solar Balcony Reflector


Sylvie’s buildings in Paris – Photo GoogleMaps

Sylvie’s problem for years has been the lack of light in her home and especially in her living room. The opening of the room is a bay window opening onto a balcony. The exposure as well as the surrounding buildings block the entry of natural light into her interior. She researched to find a solution and discovered Espaciel by typing “solution lack of light” on the internet.

“Apart from electric lighting, Espaciel is the only solution to light my apartment naturally. »


Confident in the product, and reassured by customer feedback, Sylvie orders the Solar Balcony Reflector. Unlike the Balcony Reflector, it swivels up and down but also from left to right to direct light in both directions in her living room, to provide natural lighting in the room.

Solar Balcony Reflector fixed on the balustrade – Photo Sylvie


Once installed, Sylvie immediately saw a real difference. In the morning, she used to turn on the light when she woke up, now she doesn’t have to, the Light Reflector gives her natural light to illuminate her living room. It captures the brightness of the sky and/or the sun’s rays to redirect them directly into the room.

How the Solar Balcony Reflector works – Photo Espaciel

“It’s much more pleasant than artificial light.”



Before/after effect in the living room – Photo Sylvie

Sylvie is delighted with the result. Her living room is much brighter, she hardly needs electric lighting anymore, natural light is enough for her. She will soon order another Light Reflector for her kitchen.

“It was perfect in terms of the product, and the customer service is very responsive and pleasant! »


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