How to amplify the natural brightness at the back of a room?

Mathilde lives with her partner and two children in the Paris region, in Saint-Ouen. She lives in an apartment with a small garden. Since her arrival, she has been looking for a way to amplify the brightness of her kitchen, which is located at the back of her main room and which opens to the outside only through a French window.

Find out how Mathilde managed to naturally lighten her main room including the room in the back, the kitchen.

avant après avec le Réflecteur Terrasse il permet d'éclaircir la pièce et amplifier la luminosité dans sa cuisine
  • Owner : Mathilde, couple with 2 children
  • Type of accomodation : garden-floor apartment
  • City : Saint-Ouen
  • Opening : French window
  • Room : Kitchen
  • Model Espaciel installed : Terrace Reflector


Mathilde’s kitchen is open to the dining room which opens onto a bay window facing North-East. The sun rarely comes, only a few days in the summer. Moreover, the buildings opposite are only about ten meters away. It darkens the inside of this deep room. Mathilde wanted to amplify the brightness of this room to improve her comfort, but how could she do it?

  • Her first thought was to do some work to drill another window or install a fake skylight.
  • She also imagined changing the front door into a glass door to let in daylight.

These options are expensive and represent major work or co-ownership agreements. It finally found the simplest solution: the Espacial reflector.

le Réflecteur Terrasse mise en situation à l'extérieur pour capter la luminosité et la rediriger dans la pièce pour amplifier la luminosité


Thanks to the Online Configurator, she immediately saw which Light Reflector is ideal for her:

schéma explicatif du Réflecteur Terrasse pour montrer la redirection de la lumière dans la pièce principale et jusqu'à la cuisine

Mathilde installed the Light Reflector quickly and easily with her companion.

  • The Terrace Reflector is placed on the ground, under the sky, in front of the bay window overlooking his kitchen. It is thus perfectly positioned to redirect daylight to the back of his kitchen and amplify the luminosity.

“We can change it easily depending on the time of day or our presence outside. Sometimes it’s on the terrace, sometimes on the grass.”

le Réflecteur Terrasse est mis à l'extérieur devant l'ouverture pour permettre de faire entrée la lumière dans l'intérieur de Mathilde et amplifier la luminosité de la cuisine


The day of the installation, Mathilde immediately saw an immediate increase in brightness in her kitchen. Her room being deep, she was happy to see that the daylight redirected by the Espaciel Reflector went all the way to the back of her kitchen.

la cuisine de Mathilde est plus lumineuse et voit la lumière du jour, la lumière est redirigé dans son intérieur

Before/after photo of the brightness gain in gray weather

The living room consisting of both the living room and the kitchen could finally be bathed in light from one end to the other. They were delighted to finally be able to cook in daylight.

Video at Mathilde of the gain in brightness on a sunny day

“Now we turn on the lights less. We’re thinking of buying a second Espaciel Reflector to boost the brightness, maybe even another one for our sons’ room.”

You will also find customer testimonials from Claudine and Alain, who also lit their North-facing kitchen with the Window Reflector.

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