How do you light your interior when you have buildings opposite each other? – Testimony of Karine in Paris

Discover in this new first-hand account how Karine managed to naturally illuminate her living room. As a teleworker she spends a great deal of time at home. Her apartment is south-east facing, and in theory all the criteria are met for her to take full advantage of her living room. Tall buildings opposite, however, block out the light and stop it from entering her home. Discover how the Espaciel Light Reflector brought much-needed natural light deep into her apartment.


Can you tell us about your home?

I live in a lovely apartment in Paris. My south-east facing living room gets plenty of sunlight in the morning but loses light as the day goes on. This lack of light is exacerbated by the fact that I have 3 tall apartment buildings directly opposite. They prevent direct light from entering my apartment, especially in the afternoons and on overcast days. I often work from home on the computer, and the lack of light affected me enormously. I found that I had much less energy, and so I needed a solution fast.

How did you discover the Light Reflector ?

I was looking for an affordable solution to quickly solve my lack of natural light. It was while reading the magazine “Femme Actuelle” that I discovered Espaciel. I was naturally intrigued by this ingenious solution… 

Out of curiosity, I visited the Espaciel website, which I found to be clear and precise. Quickly convinced, I ordered my fist Light Reflector from the online store.

Ordering and installing Light Reflectors

Which Espaciel Reflector did you order, and why ?

In order to find the ideal Light Reflector for my home, I completed the Espaciel configurator available on the website. In just 5 minutes I knew exactly what I needed: the 35×80 Solar Balcony Reflector to install on my balcony railing. This configurator is simple, efficient and fast. In terms of size, I decided to order the largest dimension in order to direct a maximum of natural light into my living room.

Solar Balcony Reflector on a full railing

One week after placing my Espaciel order, I received my Light Reflector at home via Chronopost. Since I couldn’t wait, I immediately set to work installing the Reflector on my railing. Now I’m not really a DIY enthusiast, but luckily Espaciel provides an installation guide with their pack as well as a video guide via email. 30 minutes later my Solar Balcony Reflector was fitted and I could immediately see the result: far more natural light in my living room. What’s more, my Espaciel Reflector integrates well with the room and is easy to maintain.

What has the Espaciel Reflector changed in your daily life ?

It’s a pleasure to be able to go into your living room without feeling unhappy with the lack of light. Before, I wanted to spend as little time there as possible. Today, I don’t want to leave! The living room has become my favourite room. I am extremely satisfied with my Espaciel purchase. The effect of my Light Reflector is massively increased during the hours when the sun is reflected directly onto it and the light now enter in depth (see photo below). I now have much more natural light, right to the back of the room.

Result : Without the Solar Balcony Reflector / With the Solar Balcony Reflector

My living room became so bright that I decided to order another Reflector for my bedroom. Fully north facing, the bedroom was dreadfully dark. I opted for a Balcony Reflector and an Interior Reflector..

A final word ?

I fully recommend Light Reflectors 100%. They are a great innovation for people like me who lack natural light in their homes.My interior has a whole new lease of life thanks to Espaciel. Thank you ! Thanks Karine for sharing your Espaciel experience, and best wishes !

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