How to make a garden level office more pleasant and brighter ?

Nicolas, works from home. He has just launched his company and this allows him to reduce his costs. He lives in a garden-floor apartment in Lille, surrounded by a high-rise residence. To work in good conditions, luminous comfort is essential. His office, oriented North/West, lacked brightness, so he equipped himself with an Espaciel Reflector.

Discover how Nicolas made his garden level office pleasant and bright, naturally.

client espaciel qui souhaite éclairer naturellement son bureau en rez-de-jardin
  • Owner : Nicolas
  • Type of accommodation : apartment and office on garden level
  • City : Lille
  • Opening : Window
  • Room : Office
  • Model Espaciel installed : Window Reflector


le bureau de nicolas est sombre avec le Réflecteur Fenêtre il éclaire naturellement sa pièce

Nicolas’ office has only one window, overlooking the garden of the residence. This long room was dark for two reasons:

  • Its North/West orientation.
  • The tall buildings around that block the sun’s rays.

By chance, he discovered Espaciel while listening to Europe 1 (watch the video chronicle here). He then tells himself that this is exactly what he needs to improve his comfort and brighten up the many hours he spends at his garden-floor office. He then goes to the Espaciel Site, and orders a 35×80 cm Window Reflector.


le Réflecteur Fenêtre est positionné à l'extérieur au rez-de-jardin pour permettre de capter la lumière du ciel et la rediriger dans son bureau

A few days after his order, Nicolas received his Espaciel Reflector: “As soon as I received my Reflector, I installed it. I couldn’t wait to see the result of this ingenious idea. The installation took me little time, everything went well. It was gray that day. I saw the brightness gain right away. Today my Window Reflector gives me more natural light every day. I can no longer work without it!”

effet avant après avec le Réflecteur Fenêtre Espaciel un bel apport en lumière naturelle dans son bureau en rez-de-jardin


Nicolas measured the quantity of light received with the Luxmeter also ordered on the Espaciel site. The luminosity is doubled in his garden level office thanks to the Light Reflector. According to Nicolas “Natural light is important in everyday life.” The Espaciel Reflector helps to bring his daily morale to the top!

le luxmètre permet de mesurer l'intensité de la lumière, belle augmentation de lux avec le réflecteur fenêtre

For Nicolas, what is natural brings benefits for the human being. According to him, physical activity is also essential for good health. If you wish to equip yourself with handball shoes, discover his site specialized in this field :

“Good morale is essential to the success of my business!”

Discover in video the report of Nicolas Genot : 

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