How to enjoy the winter sun with the wall reflector – Ideas and tips

The sun is at its lowest during the winter. In January, at midday, it barely rises 20° in the sky, and during the day it only shines from 9 to 5. When the sky finally clears in the heart of the grim winter months, how can you take maximum advantage of this rare and precious sunshine?


The advantage of the low sun is that the light can penetrate deeply into the rooms of your home, but for this to occur your home must be well exposed and boast large, unobstructed windows – qualities not often found in towns and cities. For this reason, we often see the sun’s rays getting close to the windows but rarely reaching directly into the home.                                            .

This situation is all the more frustrating when the sun’s rays are so close to your windows or French doors that you can almost reach out and touch them. Instead of enjoying the sunshine in your home, you can observe it on the side of the window, on a shared wall beside your bay window, or on the balcony partition wall in front of the French doors.

For all these situations, a wall reflectoris the ideal solution for bringing more sunshine into your home. Placed vertically, the wall reflector receives the sunlight on its entire height, enabling it to redirect a large amount of light directly into the rooms. This arrangement is particularly effective for west and east-facing openings.


Espaciel advice – capture the full southern sun whether you face east or west:    

For east or west-facing openings, position the wall reflector so that it faces south, directing all the southern sunlight in through your window.

The wall reflectorcan pivot on its axis with a simple movement, just like a shutter. This angular adjustment allows you to select zone within the room that you wish to brighten up.

Several wall reflectors can be installed side-by-side on the wall beside a bay window. This louver-style reflective configuration looks extremely elegant, and constitutes a ‘virtual window’ that’s directly exposed to the sun – even in wintertime.                  

The wall reflector can be placed on a slant. By pivoting the reflector around its tilting axis, it is possible to position the wall reflector so as to direct the sun’s rays, effectively illuminating the ceiling, which then acts as a sunlight diffuser.                           

Espaciel idea – Raise the low sun with slanting reflectors:                

Installed diagonally, Espaciel reflectors enable you to raise the sun’s rays. By adjusting the angle of the reflector, you can direct the sunlight in any direction you choose.   


Used singly or in combination, and placed vertically or obliquely, the wall reflectors offer a wide range of possibilities for gathering and redirecting the sun’s rays, which is a significant advantage during the winter months when the sunlight is almost horizontal.


Espaciel’s customers particularly appreciate this use of the wall reflectors, and always send us excellent feedback regarding these types of applications.

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